Friday, September 23, 2011

What I learned today, how to cook the perfect butifarra.

Hey, learning is good, no?

I bought some butifarra at the corner store, and the lovely lady there, who cooks like a DREAM told me how to cook it, and now I am going to tell you, cause then, should you ever get some true Catalan butifarra, you'll know what to do.

First get a frying pan and put a little water in the bottom, let's say, a quarter of an inch.  Put in your butifarra and, on low heat, let it cook until the water has all boiled away.  I turned the sausages once during this process.

Now, you have to be watching closely, cause as soon as the water all boils away, you have to drizzle in a stream of olive oil, and then fry the sausages until you get a beautiful colour, you must turn them constantly, and hold down some of the edges so that they get a lovely brown all over.

And that my friends, is how to cook a butifarra.

I also learned how to grind sumi-e ink in the sumi-e ink stone that arrived today!  The wonders of You-tube, that's fun and the smell of the paint is fascinating.  Much more fun to work with than gouche....we'll have to keep playing.

Learning is good, no?




Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see what you'll do with the ink :)

oreneta said...

Coming up in a bit!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I seem to get high off the smell of some pigments. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about them, often the black ones get me feeling all gritty (in the best possible way) and make me want to get my hands dirty.

I am assuming your safareig is like a pond?

oreneta said...

A Safareig is a brick build laundry tub. IF you look at the photos of the pati, it is the big sink job in the corner. It would have had other purposes too, but it's main one was for laundry. They come with a wide tiled rim for scrubbing laundry in and a smaller catchment basin for soaking.

Often now used as small ponds.

Paint is amazing stuff, isn't it.