Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hmm, that's weird

I was sure I posted and then it didn't come up.

Shopping, I was talking about shopping, seems to be just about everything I do these days...

Supermarket, the weekly market, the local store, bread, shoes shoes and more shoes...the Man's runners, Youngest's new basketball shoes and shoes for eldest too as the new gym teacher is 'psychotic' as in, they have to run, move or stand the entire class, and then must shower afterwards.  Cheap, but real runners are required if they are going to be doing THAT much moving.  goodness gracious!

The oil and wine guys came,

The man and I went to BCN this morning for tea, soap, art supplies, and the asian market as well.

Having lots of fun with the new supplies, but boy o boy am I ever rusty.  Too much time spent shopping, no?


swenglishexpat said...

Every teacher knows how unpleasant it can be in the lesson after sport. Just hose them down! ;-)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Occasionally I have crafted a careful post only to have it disappear, so I've learned to save it regularly if it is a lenghthy one. Today I shopped until I dropped, but got everything on my list - a rarity. It's been ages since I bought art supplies though. Curious to know what you uncovered!

oreneta said...

Swenglishexpat, I'm with you, but they're hating it. I did too when I was a kid.

Bodhi! The shopping gods must have been completely with you!!! You got EVERYTHING on the list! That never ever happens. Never.