Friday, September 16, 2011

Look at that

Fell in a heap last night in the end.  Thought I was going strong, but as I headed upstairs to the computer and the painting, I never made it past the bedroom.

Odd how you just get seized by exhaustion sometimes, no?

We're still sorting ourselves out at work, this is a bit ongoing as new students are integrated and schedules are ironed out....ahhhhh

Girls got their hair cut yesterday, so they are all fresh and neat and ready for the fall.....though it feels like summer here.  They say that on Sunday the weather is going to break, I may be the only one who is sad about that, but I am, I loooooove the heat, especially after the killer AC at work all summer.

Man, am I ever yattering on.

Youngest's basketball is going very well, thank all that is good, she was debating bailing, but she is having a blast and says she is learning a TON and comes back from every practice SOAKED in sweat from working so hard, and that, my friends, is a very. good. thing.  With here energy levels?  We need that.

I seem to be yattering on forever, so I'm off.  Woke up disgustingly early then the dog was grooming himself (licklicklicklick....) beside the bed, and the man was snoring on the other side of me.

Time to get up!!!!

Have a good one,



Sherry Smyth said...

With exhaustion like that, falling in a heap to sleep is the only answer. It amazes me sometimes how the body just says "pay attention to me!!!". Glad that all seems to be working out as school resumes and I hope you get to keep that heat just a little longer!

oreneta said...

Sometimes, sometimes, you just have to drop and there's no negotiating. Not so bad though when it happens.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hey! I posted a comment here and it got eaten up by cyber space. *groan* What I meant to say was, when I travel, it hits me at some point and I just crash. Sometimes the body just makes a signal and we have no choice but to obey. As for the early morning sounds, I would have gotten out of bed too. My dog does that obsessive licking thing and I often wake up to it. Usually I just call out her name and she stops - long enough for me to get back to sleep, but probably she registers my breathing and starts up again once the cadence is reached!

oreneta said...

Bodhi, it is so WEIRD how loud they can be, Normally it's just a licking noise, but every now and then it's like they're hypnotising themselves....