Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lee Ufan and Ikea

I believe that those two nouns in the title are more than a wee bit contradictory, but I just came across Lee Ufan (feel a bit like maybe I was living under a rock, but what the heck) and LOVE his stuff...mmmmmmm

“Before working, I calm my breathing, correct my posture, and hold my brush quietly. I put plenty of paint on the brush and paint spots on the canvas laid on the floor. I paint them one after the other, beginning at the upper left and proceeding to the right. The spots are dense at first but gradually become thinner. As I continue, they fade to nothing. Then I put more paint on the brush
and keep doing the same thing over and over.”

“If I load my brush with plenty of paint and use it to paint a line, the line starts out dark and thick but gradually fades out completely. When this happens I load the brush with paint and start over again.”

Stand Still a Moment

Agitated, busy people, stop and stand still for just a moment. Look at the blue sky. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you will just do this, you will change and the world will come to life.

—Lee Ufan

Oh, and the trip to Ikea?  Mostly successful.  Definitely didn't spend too much, bought only two things, but the furniture for the patí that I wanted was out, you see it is summer stock and that goes in July.  Someone should inform Sweden that this is Spain, and it was 30 degrees out and should be hotter next week.  


Beth said...

I have taken the time to stand still and have learned to take deep breaths - and I have changed. :)

Tya said...

I will tell them, well one of them... ;) those crazy Swedish people ^^

Helen said...

I agree. Sometimes when work gets too chaotic I do just that. Stop doing everything, so outside and just 'be' for a few minutes.

oreneta said...

Beth, I have too, but need to be reminded.

Tya, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Everyone wants to feel heard!

Helen, I did that a lot when the kids were very little. Step outside and breathe and no one is shouting NO at you!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I was kind of wondering what those words had in common. Ah, we have the same problem here - you can find a fine selection of winter boots in August, but try to find your size in a style you like in October? You will be laughed out of the store. As for my coffee posts, I don't take notes but I do take a lot of photos and as they sort themselves in iPhoto, I remember the why behind pressing the shutter and a small story is born. If I did take notes, I probably wouldn't remember where I put them.

oreneta said...

Photo notes, cook idea! Photos with the phone I assume, another reason to spring for an iPhone...or at least a better one than I have!