Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two more fish!!!

yup, Ziggy has company now, there are three fish at this point, I still have to take photos.....tomorrow.  Plus they have some plants and it is all looking rather cosier!

Photos to come.

The plumber came, claimed that it couldn't have been them that put it in so badly.  I am skeptical.  Whatever.

We are drying out, some things faster than others, specifically the walls and floor rather slower, but it is fortunately still warm enough that we can have all the windows open for things to dry.  YEAH!!!

Only problem I have, too hot up here to paint in the mornings, and too tired at night.  Gonna have to soldier on anyway, I worked at night for the last few years, I can pull it off still....sigh.  Hello exhaustion.  On that note, I have GOT to get running again, plus I have to go and book another driving test (AUGH!!!) and study for it obviously.

Yadda yadda yadda....life.

Sometimes it's good to ignore it, but sometimes you have to cowboy up and get on with the job, no?

Fish photos tomorrow!

Hope you're having a good one.



Beth said...

If you need any help with your fish/aquarium, Chris (my eldest) is your man! He's in the business. We just have to figure out how to get him there!

(really, if you have any questions, I'll pass them along to him...)

Anonymous said...

Today is a local holiday, so yeah, I'm having a good one. Day off! :D

oreneta said...

Ooooh, YES indeed. OK, Chris, (via Beth) we have a pond without a pump, do we need snails? What kind of earth do we need for the plants that we put in. Do we need to clean the muck out of the bottom when we change up some of the water every week of can we skim off the top?

How's that for a start!

ElP, sounds WONDERFUL!!!!

Beth said...

Just checked back to see if you had any questions - I'll forward them to Chris!