Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My computer went into a coma last week, about the same time as Eldest's leapt off her bed and committed suicide.  Bad week for computers in this family.

I finally got the chance to take my computer in to the store to get fixed, it is a Mac, so we went to the Apple store.  Initially a little weird, the greeter guy was bizarrely and aggressively repetitive, and INSISTED, somewhat angrily, on telling us the same thing, I kid you not, 6 times, and as I was getting pretty testy after the third repetition, that was pretty impressive.

That said, the service from there on in was excellent!  Turns out that the problems were both in her body and mind....she had both a damaged hard drive and a software crash.

Surprisingly little money later - though still an ouch - she's up and running beautifully, all within about 4 hours!

The only problem?  They had to blank the computer, though we saved the vital stuff and I never leave ANYTHING only on the computer.....but they had to change my password to get in and do admin stuff.  The password they put in is not the one the computer thinks it has.  As in, I cannot get in to change anything.

Ho hum

Phone calls tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch. Well, the important thing is that it's working again, and you didn't lose anything important. Back to the Genius bar, now, I suppose...

oreneta said...

Nothing lost at all, though I had to buy a rather expensive external hard drive to save the movie the kids made...well worth it though. They did a great job with it.