Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slow and snow....lent i neu

There is a basic equation in winter between the temperature, activity level and amount of clothing you wear.  Today, Youngest and I didn't quite get it right.

We went a little minimalist today, partially as the route was not exactly exposed, it was supposed to be short, I was bizarrely and incredibly disorganised and the group we were going with usually moves at a medium slow, but steady pace.

Not so much today, we had one guy along, not normally part of the group who moved at a positively glacial pace.  I kid you not, there was a three year old girl and a five year old girl along on the walk.  The consistently passed him, and had to wait for him

Youngest and I nearly froze to death.  On top of that, he was in our car ride there, three in the back, and he was a big man.  A big man, one of those big guys who takes up a lot of room, cause he doesn't want to sit with his legs together and his arms crossed over his chest so you just have to squeeze your skinny self into whatever corners are available.

Big guys out there?  Put your d*mn knees together and tuck in your d*mn elbows, just cause you can't say no to a third helping of ice cream doesn't mean you can have half my seat too.

Despite all that, it was an utterly lovely day, with a great group of people and we even got snow, which was lovely, cause it didn't stay and was only at altitude!

Hi ha una relació, una equació en l'hivern entre la temperatura, el nivell d'activitat i la roba que portis.  Avui, la Petita i jo, no ho hem solucionat bé.

Hem anat a caminar avui en tema minimalista, en part perquè la ruta era força protegida i curta, i a sobre aquest matí he estat, atípicament, increïblement despistada.  A sobre, el grup normalment tira amb un bon ritme, no vull dir ràpid, però anim tirant.

Avui?  No tant.  Hi era un home, que mai he vist abans, que camina amb un ritme absolutament glacial.  En serio, hi era dues nenes, un de tres anys i l'altre té cinc, l'han passat consistentment, i fins i tot havia d'esperar-lo.

La Petita i jo?  Hem quedat glaçades.  A sobre, aquest mateix home estava amb nosaltres en la cotxe que ens ha portat a la muntanya.  Un home gras, un d'aquests homes qui seu amb les cames ben separades, un d'aquests que ocupa moooooolt d'espai, qui no creu els braços, perquè més o menys, no pot, llavors hem de prémer-nos en al raconet deixat sí o sí.

Oi, homes grans, si us plau, tireu les cames al mig, creueu els braços, que no podeu parar de menjar no vol dir que pugueu tenir la meitat de la meva espai també.

Malgrat això, hem tingut un dia preciós, amb un grup de gent molt amable, i fins i tot hi era neu, molt bonic i que no quedava i només cap a dalt amb l'altitud!



Anonymous said...

At least you came back safely... How could he be so slow? Anyways, I guess that next time you'll put on a few more layers, even if you have to drop them on the way... Better safe than icy ;)

oreneta said...

There wasn't much doubt about coming back safely, but brrrrr.....I have no idea how he walked so slowly, it was like watching someone in an entirely different time space continuum. If my back hadn't been so sore, I would have brought more clothes, but I honestly didn't want to have to haul a thing more than I had too. Normally I bring extra, of course this was the one time that we went so terribly slowly!

Anonymous said...

it's always on the only day you don't bring extra that it happens, eh... :)

oreneta said...


thecatalanway said...

I love how honest you are - can imagine you saying that right to him. Men need to hear more often that they need to put their legs together and squeeze up. Boys need it too - let's start telling all those adolescents to make more space for everyone else!

yes it is cold here too - and houses are warm. But our in Granollers is freezing upstairs - even the mattress is cold on the bed in a way I don't remember since when I was very young and there was no central heating. Hot water bottles - god bless whoever invented them. Kx

oreneta said...

It was a little tough not to be hating I have to confess.....unreal how some are so utterly oblivious to the world around them. Sadly some of them aren't....and do it on purpose.

The insulation in these houses is not all it needs to be sometimes honestly. A good hot water bottle, and someone to cuddle up to if you're lucky, helps a lot!