Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Latest works completed. Les ultimes obres acabades

Am I utterly in love with each and every one of these?  No.  But are they complete in and of themselves.  Yes, I think so.  Will I ever revisit some of them?  Maybe.

Sé que no sóc enamorada amb cada un d'aquests quadres, però son complerts.  Els revisaré un dia?  Podria ser.

Hi ha una més, però encara no he agafat una foto.

There's one more, but I haven't taken the photo yet.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Good to see some new paintings up :)

kate said...

Very cool! I especially like #7-- not sure why, but it jumped out at me. Also #9 is neat-- looks like it's underwater. Is the white overlay paint, or something else? Certainly has a neat texture.

Glad to see you are painting-- I have been reading along and know you were keen to be consistent about doing it every day. I haven't been ommenting or doing much interacting online in general, but I'm still around!

Helen said...

Like a lot of those, especially 5, 6 and 7