Sunday, January 27, 2013

Since the computer is healthier, que l'ordinador funciona una mica millor

I thought I'd put up a couple of photos from the last walk:


I can't.

You see, when the good people in the computer place fixed my computer, they had to replace the hard drive and they also wiped it clean and reloaded all the software.  That is, the factory installed software, not third party software, like the photo managing software, nor the Garmin software.  In order to do this, they had to make themselves the new administrators, no problem, they tell you the password, you go in and change it all up again.

Except, that isn't the password they used.  I tried the password they gave me, I tried it with a capital, all in capitals, with letters near the ones they need, with anything I could think of, and I am still locked out.

It works and all, but no photo management, and the system that's installed with the software package, SUCKS.

Ho hum

So, photos to follow.

What have I been up to other than battling computer woes?  Lots of work, lots of cycling, some running, planning a crazy long walk for the near future...not enough sleep, though I had a two and a half hour nap today, though here I am at 10pm knackered as the Brits would put it.

I have got my halo glowing after today though, all caught up on my marking, all caught up on work for Toronto, a lot of work to do with the boat here done, a whack of Catalan homework done, got a run in along with the nap and generally kicked a bunch of stuff in the butt!  Yeah!

Of course a new list flourishes alongside that a place to stay this summer,  gotta work that out still.  Drag.

Time for bed again.

Hope you had a good one.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried resetting the admin password following this KB article? Not sure if that'd work for you...

oreneta said...

Had a quick look through some of that, and some of that I didn't understand, as I already have an apt with them for tomorrow morning, I think I'll let it go, if I'd mentioned this earlier in the week, I probably would have given it a shot, from the learning perspective kind of thing...but at this point,

I'd rather sleep.

Thank you tremendously though. The Catalans would say, 'Ets un sol' means that you're a sun, and is used if someone does you a favour. Every time I've ever used it the recipient has always looked inordinately pleased, and they seem to think it's a little funny too....not sure why.....but, thanks, ets un sol! In English I might say that you're a dream!

Anonymous said...

And the Czech have at least four ways of saying "you're welcome" :)
Za málo, není zač, nemáš za co, To nic.
I've tried to ask the subtle differences between all those, but couldn't get a clear answer. I think there are different levels of formality in those, and that depending on what you're being thanked for, one or the other is a bit more appropriate...
So I think in this case, I could say...
To nic :)