Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bad ass women

I have to find me a group of these.  I've got one friend here who's very bad ass.  She loves to walk, long long long walks.  And that is awesome!  But she doesn't climb, or bicycle, or do ferrades, nor can she handle high altitude.

The man is the man of my dreams, but he doesn't like doing these things.

Youngest has finally gotten old enough to be useful, rather than a much loved liability on these excursions, and has promptly decided that I am not cool to hang out with and bails on everything in favour of better offers.  Totally get it, but it is a wee bit frustrating.

So, I need to find some bad ass women, with grown children, with partners who are grown ups so they can take a day or a night out to go and do something cool.  Either a bunch of them for different sports, or a couple who are capable of multi-sport activities.

Otherwise I'll be doing a lot of things alone, and that isn't always the best option.

Not sitting on my ass though as a result.