Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jet lag

Never before have I had so much trouble with jetlag.  This time though?  It's killing me.

Usually, you see, when arriving from Canada to Europe, you arrive pretty damned tired as you've lost a night's sleep on the plane, so the first night, you usually sleep pretty well, cause you're wiped out.  This year, me, not so much, I was awake for a few hours in the night, but OK.  Whatever.

The next night is usually hard, cause you aren't so tired, and a normal bedtime here feels like about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so it is pretty normal to lie there for a while before you get to sleep.  This year? try 4 am. 

The third night, though, is usually great.  You're tired enough that you crash again, and then you're all sorted out. 

Seems I've just given up on sleeping.  That third night?  2 hours.

Fourth night?  5, I slept from 5 am to 10 am

Fifth night?  3 am to 7:30.  Four and a half hours.

I think that brings us to tonight.  Went to bed around 10:30, asleep a little after midnight.  Awake at 2am.  It is now 3:30 and I have given up.  I am downstairs with the lights on, writing this and doing some work on the computer.

I give up.  I'm now going to approach this like Chuck the dog.  If I want to nap, I'll nap.  If I wake up?  Well, I'm up.  Freaking hell.

Problem is I don't go to sleep as fast as he does, and I have that work thing.

Also, now a headache that has lasted over 12 hours.

So so so so so tired of lying in bed awake and being tired all day.