Thursday, May 31, 2018


Well, we've been in a marina in Landskrona for a month now, and we are finally getting all the Is dotted and Ts crossed. 

When we arrived we had paid a down payment on the boat pending inspection of the hull and engine.  We waited a very long time to get hauled, the hull looked amazing, the engine was fine, and that was great.  We sat on the hard for a week for 1 day's work, and got launched again.  Finished paying for the boat, which took a while as my beloved (not) bank in Canada limited the amount I could send every day...then we had to get the paperwork back and forth.....

Then we contacted the insurance company we had arranged.  In the meantime, they had decided that Canadians could not be covered, so that was out. 

Yesterday we got insurance from a new company!!!  YEAH!!! Now we're waiting on the dingy.  An inflatable kayak...Denmark has a system of free mooring bouys all over the country, but we gotta get his Chuckiness ashore, hence the kayak....

anyway, so I am spending the day hanging out by the harbourmaster's office waiting for UPS, who was supposed to come tomorrow, but will probably come at 6pm today!!! 

Either way, once we get that, assuming it works, we're all set to go...YEAH!

Here's a couple of photos:

The boat is marvelous, we are very happy with it and that is pretty great too.  She is a slightly updated version of the boat we have in Canada, one great plus is a little more insulation, and a slightly higher cabin....slightly less storage too, but it's all good. 

We may be able to even go sailing some day!