Thursday, February 18, 2021

Creative Writing

 Because of this ass of a virus, among many other things, we haven't been able to go to Catalunya this year, and my Catalan is struggling, especially as I am studying French for a couple of hours a day.  So, when the library from our town sent out a message saying that their book club has gone on line and they now have a short six week creative writing course again, free and online, I signed up as fast as I could.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing. All good. 

It has been much better than I had hoped. I didn't think I had much interest in creative writing at all, but it's actually pretty interesting, and fun to do!  Something to consider as I go forward.  Not gonna write a book or anything, I think you need a pretty hot fire lit underneath you to embark on that, but writing some things up.

On another note, nothing like a rainy day and a deadline for tasks you hate doing to really make you burn through every little thing on your to do list!

Buying online


 I love that we can buy stuff online and it just comes to us in the mail.  Absolutely fantastic, until it isn't.  Somethings I just want to buy in person; to whit, art paper and trousers.  I LOVE going to an art store and feeling your way around everything they have, the heft of the paper, it's exact colour, what the edges are like, feeling the texture.  Loathe it online.  I mean, if you have a pad you adore that you can find and order, all well and good.  You miss the joy of seeing and feeling what's there, but at least you know what you're getting.  Online.  Meh.  And returning stuff?  Please, such a gigantic hassle and even more so in Covid.

Trousers.  I am sorry.  I didn't realize I was such a weird shape, but seems I am.  I go into a store to buy trousers, bring 10 pairs with me, maybe one works, rinse and repeat till I find something I like. This is not convenient online.  My jeans, the only pair of trousers I have left are literally dissolving, but here we are in COVID, in the middle of a mass of muddy fields miles from any store.  I may have to resign myself to leggings and skirts till I can get to a store, cause damn this sucks. 

And while I'm whining, what I would do to have a bit of take away, but nope, too remote for that too.

 OK, time to stop complaining.