Wednesday, September 16, 2015

back with a bang

Back in Catalunya and Oh my goodness, didn't absolutely everything start simultaneously!!!!

Normally I don't have all of my classes started up, they sort of trickle in, but this time, BAM, everyone is going full bore, plus youngest is going to a new school and there is all manner of things to sort out and organize with her, her various jobs more than anything else, and when and where she has to go....

Plus the work for the UOC is on, which is marvelous, and that has my masters, which I thought would start in October, has begun...

Never rains, but it pours.....and then there is my poor body getting used to biking again, only hill I went up in TO was in a car, so different is my life there.

Though filling up my tires from more than 10psi certainly helped, I don't have to pedal downhill now anyway.

All good, just all a lot all of a sudden.

We're back!