Sunday, April 24, 2016

What an amazing weekend!

Really....a great one....

Sat, went to work, that was fine.

Then we went out to mark Vilatrail....lightning, thunder, pouring rain...Chuck got up in a strangers car to try to escape it and we know how much he loves cars....(not at all)

He looked at me like I was torturing him!  Poor thing was soaked, he stopped bothering to shake even, and at the height of the thunderstorm came over to be put on leash.  Not a happy puppy, but once it passed over, he was pretty cheery again.

This morning, got up at 5am to do work on the Masters, then Vilatrail as a witch again, waiting for some photos to come in, hope I get some!  Home, then out again to do a Via Ferrada en Centelles, Les Buamens Corcades....very cool indeed.  We skipped the very hardest part, there were only two of us, I didn't realise how bad a climber my buddy was, and we didn't have climbing shoes...gave that section a pass....but it was amazing.

The three story climb out of the parking lot was not so welcome, after two vilatrails in 24 hours and a 600m via ferrada, my legs were not feeling toooooo happy about it...but complaining we made it.

Off to bed!

Awesome weekend.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Final day of the trip to Galicia, Santiago de Compostela

This was the final day, we didn't walk......

well, tourist walks.

Most of the buildings are baroque, which is not my favourite style, though the church is SO over the top that it almost kinda works.....

Ate a spectacular empanada, Xoritzo and eggs, might as well have hooked myself up to a cholesterol IV, but my oh my, was it ever good.

The big cathedral, from one side or another, it is actually a little confusing, honestly.

Strangely, there is a copy of the Virgin Mary from  Montserrat!

Big dome....
with the shells that are the symbol of the camiño and the crossed swords as well.

Oddly, there was a Henry Moore exhibit outside the church...

The main entry to .... I'm not sure what building....

There is a fancy hotel, that used to be a hospital for pilgrims, funded by Isabel and Ferdinand.  You can go in for a visit for 3 Euros and it is lovely.

I poked my nose into more places than I should have gone, but, whatever.

There are some very cool corners.

One of the courtyards,

This is from the pilgirm's museum.  Or more correctly, the museum of pilgrimage, though after some token conversation about other global pilgrim routes, it is really focused on the Camiño de Santiago, of Camina de Sant the Catalans call it.

This is a then and now of clothing!

High high high Baroque, so high it almost kinda works.  The alter in the Cathedral.

Next time I go, I think I should walk there.

And that's the end of that trip!