Saturday, February 3, 2007

Better a bit.

Well the fever passed. Weak HOORAY.

The headache and sore throat come and go.

The cough is stronger.

I keep lying down on my face and sleeping there.

Overall, much better than yesterday.

Now, if whatever weight is lounging on my chest would get off, I'd feel much better.

The kids and the man went to the marine museum in Barcelona...I'd feel jealous if I felt more energetic.


Maybe a better post tomorrow.


Beth said...

Rest! Rest! Rest!
That's what your body's telling you to do.
Glad you seem on the mend.
Take care.
(Miss your daily "journal.")

oreneta said...

Rest is about all I can do, I may come up with a bit more today...

Nomad said...

ok I MUST bug you...

About the fact that it takes all of a virulent febral infection to (and even ONLY slightly) dampen the flowing of literature henceforth from your keyboard ...

I think it is the shortest post yet no?? (maybe even a record?)


I must grant though that even when short, sweet and succinct, nonetheless it is very well put and still (as always) makes me smile!!

Glad you are feeling better!!

Love ya!!!