Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Calcots and Miro

Here are a few more photos from the calcot eating fira, or festival in Catalan.

The calcots are piled on newspapers, where you also dump the charred outer layers. You have to be organised or you may miss some. The romesco sauce is in the dishes.

Peeled, dipped and ready to eat. Mmmmmmm.

This one's headed for the sauce.

The fashionable attire needed by any good calcot gourmand.
It's messy, and you certainly have to wash up afterwards.

This morning the man went to work, the kids went to school, and I went into Barcelona to play. It was my parent's last day here, and we went into the Joan Miro museum. I LOVE Miro's work. All the brilliant yellows and blues. We went to the Fundacio Joan Miro which has an amazing website. It takes a moment to load, but if you click on English first, needless to say, and then click on the yellow painting that then tells you it is 'works' you can get a gorgeous tour of his fantastic work. Just keep scrolling down. The foundation Tapestry was amazing, fully 20 feet high, and spectacular. The image doesn't do it justice at all. I've always like textiles, and I had not realized that he had done work in them in collaboration with other artist.

He also has a fountain that has mercury flowing through it. Ignoring the various issues that may go with this, it was quite spectacular to see. At first you think it is water, but it isn't flowing properly. I then wondered about the finish on the metal, and how they maintained it for so many years, and then you realize that it is mercury. It has so much more tensile strength, it flows completely differently. Quite beautiful. They had it entirely glassed off of course for health reasons.

Back to the real world now, walk the dog, move the beds back, do the laundry *IN A MACHINE!!!!!* *glee* work tonight...blah blah blah. Back to my own cooking. Ah well.


Beth said...

YAY doing laundry in a MACHINE!!!! ya know, it's the little things in life that a person happy.

I want some of those things...are they "oniony" tasting at all or just plain yummy?

Nomad said...

OK. Question...

How did you ever survive without the blog.?

Do ever so enjoy reading you !!

The oniony-thingummies look delish..if not sloppy.
Yeah...ot you re back TYO cooking.

Maybe that is where the term "lunchbag letdown" came from?

Nomad said...

sorry that was GOT you re the back to your own cooking...sorry


Anonymous said...

Yes getting back to the real world is a little anti-climactic isn't it?

But a real working washing machine is a fine thing!

Beth said...

Hey, your "real world" is interspersed with so many fascinating adventures and experiences.
My real world is just...well, awfully real...
I'm experiencing one of the seven sins - envy.

Dorky Dad said...

Wait ... they have MACHINES for laundry? Why hasn't anybody informed me about this development????

And that ... calcot fry looks and sounds a lot like an oyster roast in South Carolina. I hate oysters. But I've never tried calcots.

oreneta said...

Beth: The machine is like a miracle, no question.
The Calcots are just plain yummy. If you found skinny leeks, barbequed them over a really hot fire, and looked up romesco sauce on line, you could probably get close.

Nomad: No kidding about lunch bag letdown. Ah well. There's always something to look forward too.

Trish: The real world washing machine is great, I just need some sunshine today for some real world drying

Beth: Sorry....plan a real world adventure there...there are some great Indian food joints on College...then there is my favorite Vietnamese place on Spadina. Pho Hung. Mmmmmmmm. Oh, I am making myself hungry. Maybe you could go. Get the lean beef pho well done. Ohhhh. It is so so so good. And their iced coffee with sweetend condensed milk.....and the spring rolls. Oh ohohohoh.

DD: You poor boy, no machine and you don't like oysters...oysters are yummy. They asked us about similar traditions, and I came up with a New England clam bake....anyone out there know how those work or ever been? How does the S. Carolina Oyster roast go?