Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cargo pants and Nomad

I love cargo pants, do you know the ones that I mean? The ones with the pockets on the outside of your thighs, as well as in all the usual places. My very favorite pair I got when I was about 15 from an army surplus store. These were a pair of heavy green Khaki coloured ones that, given the repairs, may have actually seen service!

The ones I have now are thin nylonish material, and brown. Also the waist is a little lower than I would aim for, but given the current fashion of muffin-topped plumber-butt pants, I am doing pretty well.

Do you know why I love cargo pants? Not just because they are look good, but also so that when you are running out the door to take the kids to school, almost late again, with your hands full of wallet, keys and sweaters, school bags and dog leashes, and there on the bottom step you discover the mail that your eight year old went to bring up over lunch, but instead opened and then left on the stairs for all the neighbours to trip over, you have a pocket to put it all in!!!! You know things like your, oh, T4 form. Nothing important. Plus I got something really fun in the mail. My Mom is so cool. She read me whining on the blog about cleaning windows and that I gave up on it, but it was stupid to quit because I actually really like clean windows. Well, she found this incredibly wonderful cloth. Massively environmentally sound too because, get this, it cleans the windows with just water. It is some sort of fancy weave, and it is good for oh, only about 600 washes. Top that j-cloth and windex. She called it an e-cloth. Neat-o.

My Mother-in-law phoned last night, the Catalan one, and I impressed the pants off her because I talked to her in CATALAN! And she UNDERSTOOD ME! WEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!!!Made me feel so good.

Wildly busy day today, but here is the best news......

NOMAD'S COMING!!!!! YEEEHHHHAAAAWWWWWWWWW! She and her entire tribe are coming to Barcelona on Saturday and staying until THURSDAY! Now HOW good is that?!?

A big fat YAHOO!


Beth said...

Re: the "e-cloth." Is that what it's actually called? Do you know where she bought it? Sounds like something I should have.

Anonymous said...

God! Is there anywhere that Nomad doesn't go? That girl is seriously exhausting.

Have great time!

oreneta said...

Beth: I'll ask for details...Mom are you out there????

Trish: She does have the most phenomenal energy...it should be wonderful.

Nomad said...

Ooh, you all have WAY too much faith in me...

BUT I will take a pic of the Chuckster!! I PROMISE!!

Can't wait!!

Dorky Dad said...

Oh my word, you people are going to be in the SAME PLACE??? Will Nomad still comment on your blog while she's visiting? Will she watch you while you write in your blog? How is this going to work?

oreneta said...

Nomad: Ah, I'm just happy.

DD: We'll have to wait and see...??? Should be fun.