Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Normal day.

My oh my. It was a rowdy day at the market today. Goodness gracious. I don't know what sort of Catalan secret signal went out, but every stand was rows deep in determined Catalan and Spanish grannies. I stood about a foot and a half above most of the crowd, but there was no way I was going to be buying any goodies at any point. Geez. What on earth was going on?

I took the dog for a walk instead. We trolled along up and around some of our usual haunts, and while toiling up a road on the edge of town it got so warm out that I actually got down to a tank top! Yippeeee. I even found a new road up into the mountains that I hadn't seen before, so part of this weekends activities have been decided. We'll have to go exploring it is clear.

It has been quite a 'real world' sort of day. Doesn't matter where you are, they happen. My Dad had picked up my mail while he was in Canada, and as usual, it mostly contained things I had to deal with. Yuck. The kids love the mail because they get new magazines and fresh reading material. They are both passionate about books, although the younger has not yet discovered the joy of reading to herself beyond Archie comics, so fresh reading material is always greeted with great excitement.

I however had a handful of bills and other 'things to do' Bleh.

I also did laundry and went to the bank, plus a run to the baker. While polishing my halo, I responded to a backlog of unanswered e-mail, and I have to prep for my classes tonight. So for those of you who aren't out here, you can know that there are still 'chore days'. Ugh. Oh, did the dishes twice as well, and and and....

Went back to the market later, there were only two people at my favorite stand, they cleared them out and I had the whole space to myself. While I was picking out my produce one of the guys who run the stand was eyeing the strawberries that he had been debating about with one of the ladies who had just left. Finally he picked one out himself and started eating it with a look of delight on his face. It made me laugh, which made him laugh. So he gave me one too. Salut!

Struggled back up the hill with my load of fruit and veg, boy, that one is steep, and said Hi to a bunch of the old ladies on my street out enjoying the sunshine and the warmth.

Life is good, even on chore day.

Work tonight, a group lesson and a private.

I'm going to have to take the kids to the Miro museum with their sketch books, I think they will really enjoy it.

The eldest woke up this morning and told me that she was bored with school. Well that happens doesn't it.

Life is good.


Beth said...

Those "real world" days can be special, too. You've got a great life there, kiddo.

Nomad said...

oooh, let's do MIRO together too...we would LOVE that...

Ho Hum, how very nice to be near the mountains.

Can't wait...

So I DO wonder what WAS going on...

oreneta said...

Beth: Thanks, I think so too most of the time.

Nomad: Yup, I'm up for it. There is a chocolate museum here too....we've been waiting for the right person to go with...?????

Nomad said...

ME ME ME!!!!

oreneta said...

You're ON! Yahoo!