Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who would do this?

Well, I was saying to the man just last night how much I was enjoying living here. When I take the dog out for a walk I usually meet someone I know. Like last night, I met two families. I had a completely confusing one-sided conversation with one of them, and a real conversation with the other. Their daughter was there and teaches English with me at the language school, and the mother was the one who took us to meet Chuck the Suck...who was incidentally frightened by a PUPPY yesterday. What is that? By the same token, some of the mad slavering dogs in the yards we go by he wants to buddy up with, so go figure.

This morning I was doing better and better. Managed a dog paced walk, and he walks fast, for an hour which left me tired, but not dead, and went to the market and the language school. Starting to feel like I have a place in this community. Mom at the school, teacher at the language school, neighbour, dog owner......

I was rather distressed when I came home from the market however to discover that someone had left an old dog shit on my front door step during the 45 minutes I was away. Some one, I know not who, had gone to the trouble of finding, transporting and depositing an old clump of dump on my door. Now there are the guys downstairs, but they don't have a dog, and as they've lived in this town their entire lives, I assumed that the dump is aimed at us, the extranejeros -yeah it sounds like extra-strangers to me too.

Well this doesn't feel very friendly somehow.

It is not that we don't clean up after the dog...and let me tell you there is dog crap all over this town, you'd have to leave a dump on nearly every door if that was your point of fact, I not only pick up after Chuck, but if he does it near another dump I will pick that up while I am at it. So much for civic virtue. Anyway, when the man came home for lunch I asked him to talk to two of the very friendly ladies on our street if they had seen anything. Of course they had not, but maybe the old-lady brigade will start a chattin' about this. Let's hope this doesn't happen again, although I imagine it might. *sigh*

Then again, one shouldn't make assumptions...just because we seem the most likely target, it may have been aimed at the guys, or maybe someone was just walkin' along and realized they were carrying old dog shit and happened to be right at our door, and threw it down on the threshold, not the sidewalk or the road, a mere 12 inches further out. Who knows.

My eldest says to me when I am lacking faith in humanity that there could be a good reason for this, and she is usually right. This time though, her comment was, "That's not very nice." She's right.



Beth said...

Hey, kids are very smart and she's right, that ISN'T very nice. Why would they do that? I think I would try to figure that out.

I remember when, years ago, my husband moved in with me, into this house that I've lived in all my life. He goes out to his car to go to work one morning, and someone had written "fuck you" on the truck of his brand new white car in mustard. Why? Jealousy? Bigotry? We never did find out who did it.....makes you feel sad.

Beth said...

"Crap" indeed. That's disgusting.
It would have made me mad and hurt my feelings. (I can do both at the same time...)
On a happier note, isn't it nice the way walking a dog can increase your social interaction?

Nomad said...

Strange, only idea I have is that if you have ever left the dog alone he may just be howling and disturbing someone.
I had a tenant with a dog and the first week or two at our house (though he was the MOST docile sweet gentle soul you could imagine) he howled his little heart out in great anxiety at being left alone somewhere unfamiliar...
A covered crate (safe den)with an anxiety reducing thing, a chew bone or toy or hot water bottle can help...(?)

She and I were both shocked (though I certainly did NOT leave a dog food flower for her...)

I am sad too!

Dorky Dad said...

Lacking faith in humanity? Heck no, you're absolutely right. It sounds like a statement to me, and a smelly statement at that.

oreneta said...

Beth: We may well never figure out who it is...and it may be nothing. Just doesn't feel that way.

Beth: Mad and hurt, yeah, I can do them both too.

Nomad: He doesn't howl, we know. We asked the guys downstairs, and the little old ladies that the man talked to all said he was quiet.

DD: It wasn't too smelly anyway as they chose an old one anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there really is an explanation for the strangest things that you can't imagine there can be an explanation for.
Keep your faith in humanity - imagine the possible scenarios:
1 - car drives by and hits the turd "just so" so that it gets thrown off the road, and ricochets off your front door - landing on the step.
2 - OK - this is a gross one - very dirty shaggy dog had turd stuck in the hair by his bum (I have seen this) - since you now have Chuck, he was sniffing around your door checking out the new smells - just as he left - the turd finally fell off... on your doorstep.
2 - Someone carrying out their garbage (including old doggiy poo) tripped and fell flat on their face, garbage flying everywhere. When cleaning up the mess, they happened to miss the one lonely turd lying on your doorstep......
Better to have faith and an open heart than feel mad, hurt, and conspired against. Since you will never know anyway...
Love ya

oreneta said...

Nana: Awesome and very funny possible scenarios....definately better.

traveller one said...

haaaaaahaaaaaa... love Nana's answer!