Tuesday, February 6, 2007

An important blog

A kind of serious note. This blog is written by a Palestinian woman and mother who is a journalist and is living with her child in Gaza. Whatever your beliefs, this is an interesting take on a complicated situation. Heartrending too on a personal level. The photos of her child all dressed for school, and then her description of their lives.

I spent a day in the Gaza in the mid-80's, and it was a very scary and nasty place then, for all sorts of reasons that are too complicated for here. I want it to be clear that it was not the Palestinian people who were scary or nasty to us in any way. The place sounds worse now.

Wish I had my photos from the visit I took, I'd post them, but they're in Canada.


Beth said...

Very interesting blog. Good to get a different point of view rather than simply what the newspapers give us.

Nomad said...

"O" I love your Brain!!
Thanks every day for being so wonderfully bright an gifted and just so amazing to talk to!!

I will check it out!!

oreneta said...

Beth and Nomad: She doesn't post very often, but it is fascinating to get her view...