Thursday, February 1, 2007

Homesickness, work (again), and my eight year old.

I saw the weirdest thing today...the bus I was sitting on was trapped in endless traffic, and after pondering the backs of the heads of the people in front of me, I decided to look out the window for some further enlightenment...well low and behold, looking in the window of the apartment opposite, there was a dog, going for a walk. On a treadmill. Well, my god. He looked bored as all get out, but, well, I mean...what was that all about? Truly truly weird.

I'm kind of homesick today, thinking about where we were last year on the little one's birthday. We left Allens' Cay in the morning, under sail, which was a little tricky as it is very narrow, and filled with currents and shallows, and then had a spectacular sail down to Shroud Cay. We had a gorgeous sail through the stunning waters in all shades of shimmering blue, and came to a lovely island with no one on it, and beautiful creeks running through it and a beach...and friends came over for dinner and the party. We didn't have a proper cake, and the presents were few, but it was lovely. And fun.

It may sound crazy, but any cruisers out there will recognize this. I miss my family. I am here with them, but when we were out on the boat everything was so much simpler and so much more fun. We spent time together doing whatever, and we saw friends and never wore a watch, and... Well.

Lets just say that I am finding it hard to cope with everyone being away so much, and constantly being on a schedule. The language school talked/pressured me into working Friday nights as well, although I said I couldn't on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't want to, and I will probably tell them that no in fact I cannot. I hope they aren't ticked off, but I just cannot see doing it. I don't know. It is about the only gig in town for me, but the hours are simply appalling. I am alone all day, and then out all night. I have had to quit my Catalan lessons, so I will slow down a whole bunch there. They weren't the greatest classes, but still. Maybe I can spend the money I earn on Catalan lessons, but that seems frankly stupid, why not skip the work, and go to the free ones. Blah.

'nuff said.

My darling child turned 8, and she is a dream. The lovely lady in the bakery made her a cake with white chocolate. She had asked for that, and they said they couldn't do it, but she melted chocolate and make the cake for her. Big surprise. It was beautiful. My daughter also made smoothies in her brand new blender. Yes, she wanted a blender. She has a whole bunch of cookbooks that call for a blender to make a lot of the recipes, and so now she has one. First time in 4 years.

Sorry, but I am not going to post pictures of my kids....

F*&king Bl%#gger won't post the photos of Allens and Shroud that I wanted to put up either. They are in the albums on the right but....


Beth said...

I get it - the being with your family but also being "homesick" for another time and place where you were with your family. (I think another word for it is nostalgia.)
So sorry you're having a "down" day. What is it with this time of year? Do our coping mechanisms go out of whack in this season?
Glad to hear your little one had a special white chocolate cake made for her.
Take care.

Trish said...

Life was a lot simpler when our kids were small. They complain about wanting things to be the way they used to be but really it's just that they are growing up.

I get misty eyed thinking about the "old days".

Dorky Dad said...

You know ... I seem to have said that last phrase about Blogger a few times myself.

I'm sorry you're feeling blue, but your heart is definitely in the right place. Family = good.

Jocelyn said...

I'm dazzled by an 8 year old who wanted a blender for her birthday. You tell her I have a soft spot in my heart for her! And a white chocolate cake!

Your posts take me to such a fun world.

Beth said...

wow, she wanted a blender! That's so cool!

I miss the simple days too...of course, I was never out on a boat, but they were simpler when the kids were little. I miss those days.

keep your head up! :)

oreneta said...

Beth: Yeah, I think this is a little fiercer than nostalgia...but.

I am sick today, which may account for the down day yesterday.

Trish: It is tough at times isn't it.

DD:$#$%@#% blogger!!!!

Jocelyn: glad you think it's fun. It usually is from here.

Beth: Being on a boat is probably a bit like your blog. A place in the country...

Mom of Three said...

1. *$)%)$ Blogger won't post in Exploder, try going on through Mozilla Firefox and they'll post like buttah.
2. The fact that I, strangely, love being with my children is part of the reason I homeschool them. It's not always easy, but I am so greedy for this time that I don't want to share it with a harried, overworked, underpaid teacher.
3. We moved far from home, not Spain far, but may as well have been. I miss people often. But one thing I don't understand, I went with my three kids for a week at my sister's last March. She has a 5500 sq foot house and nannies so the children are fed separately and you really only see them on the closed-circuit TV system. The nanny even gave them their baths. After about a day I started aching for them! And I was in the same house! So I know what you're saying.

oreneta said...

MofT: I always do feel like we are at the end of the spectrum because we enjoy spending so much time with the kids. They are neat people. I have to wonder why you would even have kids if you are going to, well, not parent them the way you were talking about at your sisters.