Sunday, February 11, 2007

Missing friends, beautiful day.

Well, our guests have gone, and we are all sad, particularly the eldest daughter. She and the daughter of our guest have been the closest of friends since the day they met, and between them living in Senegal and then Holland, and us being on the boat and now here, they haven't seen nearly as much of each other as they would like. It is one of the crappy aspects of this lifestyle.

We had a lovely morning before they had to go, a walk in the mountains with Chuck the dog and everyone else. It is beautiful and warm and sunny, we've got the doors open and the pooch is out on the porch sunbathing, while the laundry does the same upstairs.

Back to the grind to school, I have 3 hours of classes in the morning and then another 4 and a half at night. X off to work, and it all goes back to normal. I really wish they had stayed longer. Maybe with all the lovely lolly I'll be making we can go up and visit them in Holland. In the spring when it is warmer. I do love all the warmth and sunshine here....I would find it very hard to give it up.

We are having movie afternoon today, in light of late nights and school days, we'll be start much earlier than usual. We'll be watching "Quien creo a Roger Rabbit?" which I have seen, and cannot remember, and which I cannot remember the name of in English. Hope it's good. Plans for popcorn, hot chocolate, and a cuddle. What we all need, even if it is a beautiful sunny day. *The husband remembered the film's name as usual. "Who killed Roger Rabbit?" Lets hope the kids like it.

The dog has taken a real liking to being out on the porch, which is good for him, I may try leaving him out there when I go out.

Hope your weekend was good, ours was fantastic. We just miss our friends.

My folks come on Thursday for a couple of days. Something to look forward to.


Beth said...

Our weekend was also great - as you know!
Lucky you with another wonderful one coming up.
(Pictures of Chuck??? Where are they? He's become famous in blog circles.)

oreneta said...

Beth: Working on the pics, so glad you got to see your boy.....