Sunday, February 4, 2007

Notes from the sick bed

Well, it hasn't been an exciting couple of days...

Taught the first class at the language school on Friday with a roaring fever and my body alternately giving off heat like a nuclear reaction and then freezing...I was observed by the head of the department to make sure that they were willing to unleash me on the students of this village, and despite my unstable health, all went well. The students nearly died when they realized that they had to actually talk to me in ENGLISH, like it isn't an ENGLISH class....

Staggered home and collapsed...Friday night is movies night around here...slightly abbreviated due to my ill health, we didn't manage popcorn or hot chocolate, but the dog got walked, and we watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2, an extremely loose version of the book, if you haven't read it, it's excellent..they literally had a dozen children and both parents had interesting careers as well.

Hot sweaty achy night.

Staggered out the next day, and did very little, I kept falling onto my face and sleeping. Obviously what I needed.

Bed early last night, then I was up for hours in the night...ended up on the couch and slept reasonably well there. Made a big foray out into public today, walked down to buy some chuppa chupps that the little one wanted to buy to celebrate the birthday of one of her stuffed animals - Isabel. Then read a bit of a horrible book, though soporific which has it's benefits. By The Open Sea by August Strindberg. A loner intellectual goes to a fishing community in Sweden, manages to alienate everyone and then commits suicide. FUN WOW! Actually, having gotten part way into the book, he cannot die soon enough for me. He is a completely repulsive character...

"He had never learned to row as he hated violent exercise, which he considered superfluous when there were means of transport and machines. He also thought it harmful for his nerves and mental life, as the delicate instruments enclosed in his brain box could no more endure being shaken than a building in which the precision instruments of an astronomer were housed. But now his sense of rhythm, his well-balanced center of locomotion instantly made him a capable rower, and is knowledge of physiology taught him how to improve on the ancient invention by raising the bench and thus sparing his arms"

He also takes control of an open boat in a storm in the Baltic from an experienced sailor of 50 years, and safely sails it to harbour through his sheer brilliance, never having sailed before.

Isn't he precious.


At least the book puts me to sleep well.

The dog was a little uppity yesterday, even slept on our bed Friday night...circling the weakened member of the herd, but last night was better, he tried to get on twice but quit without a fuss when told not to. Yeah. I do NOT want the dog on the bed. I however am going to take my aching head there right now as the family has left for a walk in the hills with the dog.

My head is so congested it feels like my eyes are going to pop out. Wicked headache today, and time for a nap.

...later, had the nap, head still hurts.

Turns out this is post number 100. WOOHOO There you have it, sorry it isn't a little more inspired today, but the congestion in my head is slowing down my faculties....


Anonymous said...

I've been sick over here too. Yuck!

Get better soon and congrats on that first class...

kate said...

Hope you feel better! I'm glad the class went well, depsite the illness.

Beth said...

You're getting better.
Your sense of humour is back.
I had to laugh at your line, "...he cannot die soon enough for me," re: the Strindberg book.
Congratulations on the job and post # 100!

Nomad said...


Jocelyn said...

Sweden seems perfectly lovely to me. Why do people always go there and commit suicide and such?

You hang in there,now. My daughter would have prescribed a viewing of CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2 for you, btw, so you're on the right plan for improvement.

Dorky Dad said...

CONGRATS ON 100!!!! Your century post, and you're sick for it. What a bummer.

I hated being sick on my birthday as a kid. I always thought I was being ripped off on what is supposed to be a great day.

Hope you feel better!!! Remember: orange juice and rest. REST.

oreneta said...

Trish: Sorry you've been sick too, you have my most heartfelt sympathy.

Kate: Thanks, glad the exams went well, good luck on the next lot.

Beth: I will confess the only reason I am continuing with the damn book is to see him DIE! I didn't even mention his continual comments about womens inherent inferiority, and that they are mearly a bridge between the chid and the man...

Hey Nomad, Thanks.

Jocelyn:NO SUN

DD: At least it is warm here. Rest, I can't help it, I just keep fallzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz