Monday, February 5, 2007

Getting better slowly....

Slept well and long last night, and as far as I know the dog did not even try to get on the bed. YIPEEEEEE lets see if that lasts. I am weak as a kitten and hilariously breathless, and napping like mad, so am finding it a little limiting around blog inspiration. How much do you REALLY want to hear about me sleeping?

Went into the farmacia to buy sinus meds as my head is doing it's own rumba...I am not a big one to take medication, and I took this with some trepidation as I have to teach two classes tonight, and being hopped up hyper will not help, nor will irresistible sleepiness, but sometimes we are desperate over here...I really don't usually use meds, I don't take seasick medication because it makes me dozy, and I am good at seasickness...but I need my wits about me. Wish me luck tonight. Brought in the name of the active ingredients, my little Catalan-English dictionary is not so hot on medical terms.

This reminds me of a guy I know, he was home with his two kids and sick as a dog with something or other, the kids were 18 months and 3 or so and very active. He took some sort of cold medication, and it knocked him out cold...literally he could not stay awake. This is a problem when you are home alone with two active toddlers. I think he solved it brilliantly. He took the portable phone and both kids into the elder child's bedroom, then he lay down on the floor in front of the door. Now this man is very big, not fat at all, but his shoulders must be at least as wide as two of me, so he lay his bulk down in front of the closed inward opening door, phoned his wife at work and told her what had happened and what he was doing, and went to sleep. I don't remember if she left work, or called every half hour or so, but what a dilemma and what a solution.

On another note, I have heard rumours about a new show on CBC called Little Mosque on the Prairie, and I have even seen some clips on the website. It looks very funny, has anyone out there seen it? Is it as hilarious as it looks? here's a link to the CBC website with some clips for those of you who cannot get it. The show is, as you would imagine, about a small Muslim community living in small town Saskatchewan. Ripe for humour it seems to me.

Oh, and the guy from that book....not dead yet d*mn it.


Beth said...

I'm going to scare you - if you possbily have a sinus infection, don't let it go on too long without antibiotics. My brother-in-law had one, didn't see a doctor for months (so like a man) and by the time he did, antibiotics didn't work. After A YEAR of feeling awful he ended up having sinus surgery. And it's iffy as to the the success of that.
I used to get them all the time - my doctor finally said if my sinus was clogged for more tham 4 or 5 days, it had probably turned into an infection and to come and see her.
Of course, maybe you just have a really rotten cold.

Hope you feel better soon.

Helen said...

Hope you feel better soon - it's probably all these foreign bugs. I think that if you go somewhere for more than a few weeks the foreign bugs find you easy prey and pounce. It used to happen to the kids at the beginning of every school year. The dog seems to be settling, though bed jumping is likely to be something you will always have to fight. Ours still tries getting on the furniture although I never allow it (kids do though)
Hope you feel better soon

Trish said...

I haven't seen that Little Mosque show but it got bad reviews for being too "cheesy". I think it should get an A for treading where not many people dare to tread.

Anonymous said...

"Little Mosque" depends of offensive stereotypes for its humour.

Also, while at times funny, I do wonder about how "real" the situation is. I once saw a show about how the Nazis made two propeganga films about about the conflict between the British and the Irish. The films from what those who saw it were quite good. The only problem was that the people in the movies were not Irish. What I mean by that was that the culture the film reflected in no way reflected Irish culture as I guess the Germans who wrote, produced, and acted in the movies never took the time to get to understand the traditions and feel of the Irish. It just wasn't important to them because in the end it had nothing to do with the Irish. It was as one commentator of the movies said "Germans talking to Germans".

And that is kind of what I am getting with the "Little Mosque" show. In the end it isn't really about small town Saskatchewan or Muslim communities living within small town Sakatchewan. In the end what it comes down to is just Liberal Urban Canadians talking to Liberal Urban Canadians, with their political message being far more important to them than whether or not the situation reflects a real situation in the country accurately enough.

Nomad said...


Who is anonymous?

I guess by definition...

Well any way, I saw an interview with the creator or director on CNN (Europe no less) and it does look pretty funny.
Maybe not so much like great entertainment but at least a bit of an education regarding what all the cultural fuss is about. I for one am pretty curious. If you can figure out how to get it let me know.

Tom said...

Lets make fun of rural people and at the same time feel like we are promoting "tolerance".

Yeah, way to go!

Tom said...

The show seems to say more about how people in Toronto feel about people living in Saskatchewan than it does anything about Muslims.

By the way, why does "The She Mayor" remind me so much of the mayor on South Park?

Beth said...

keep taking it easy and get better!

Really, that is a geinus idea that guy had, about laying in front of the door like that. I should have done that.

oreneta said...

Beth: Thanks for the heads up, I have always figured that any infection sitting right next to, oh, your BRAIN, would need attention if it went on and on and on. I would go off to a Doc. fairly quickly..

Helen: SOooooo glad to hear that the debate about furniture and beds goes on, he did try to get on a couple of times last night again, but was easily discouraged.

Trish: thanks for the imput...cheesy huh?

Anonymous: I agree with you that stereotypes are offensive, and dangerous to use in any form, be they about rural Canadaians, Muslim Canadians or Liberal Urban Canadians. Your assertion that the show is about the political message that urban liberals want to get out, rather than about the reality of what is occuring onthe ground could be valid. Does that reduce the value of the show? I am not defending it, I haven't ever seen it. Simply that makes it a different type of show. If the point of the show were to clearly display what life were like in small town Saskatchewan for a group of Muslim Canadians and their neighbours, it would be either a news show or a reality show, although I suspect a certain amount of fiction is in play there as well. Do you think it is the agenda of the producers to spark debate, or to mold public sentiment through the program? Be it in rural or urban Canada? From the small clips I have seen, there are several stereoptypes, but these have been played by Canadian comics in other venues as well, all the Newfoundlander's programs for instance...

Nomad: I agree, this is obviously a show that has people talking, and the fact that it didn't get a single good review in my admittedly small sample of comments here makes me curious as well.

Tom: You may well be right, have you seen many shows? I don't even know how many have aired. I gather from the site that one of the actors did grow up Muslim in small town Canada which looks nice, but it doesn't mean that they have any imput about the program.

I gather that in the UK there are a number of shows put on by te BBC about East Indians and Pakistanis and their experiences and lives in the UK, and they are funny, and I gather widely accepted by both groups. Could be that if you get the formula right it can be a way to ease tensions. It is one of the great things about humour...maybe CBC needs to tweek the formula, or as you infered, make it less formulaic.

Beth: Yeah, I thought that sleeping against the door with the phone in hand was brilliant too.

Now if Bl*gg#r looses these comments when I log on, like it does some times......Grrrrr
Does that happen to anyone else?

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
oreneta said...

Steve: I have deleted your comment, I am happy to have a conversation about this program, but I am unwilling to host racist, or racially biased comments on my blog. Sorry.

Steve said...

Obviously you missed my sarcasm.

This show is supposed to be about tolerance yet it is filled to the brim with hatred towards rural white Canadians.

So here you have a bunch of Urbanite Canadians making fun of rural people and at the same time patting themselves on the back for being so "tolerant".

oreneta said...

Steve: I'm sorry, I did. I hoped that you had been aiming at sarcasm, but given the heated feelings that some people already had about the show, I opted to delete you. Sorry.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.