Friday, October 12, 2007

Beach Day again...

I wandered down to the beach with the dog again, got some good sea glass for my buddy....and I also posted a link to the jeweler who made the ring and necklace. She's young and likes to party and she doesn't have an official it is essentially a myspace page...but there are photos of her stuff there....and she speaks English too.

The beach was pretty cool, though once again we got into a dog fight...some doofus down the beach felt he had to put his two dogs on leash when he was still more than a quarter of a mile away. I mean really if your dogs are that aggressive and uncontrollable, what the heck are you doing? Anyway, I put Chuck back on leash too just in case he wanted to go down and say hi...this was awkward though, as I was looking for sea glass, which means that you need to be below the high tide line...Chuck however is scared of the sea, something that bodes ill for a dog in a sailing family, and it is tough to look for sea glass while being relentlessly dragged away from the water. I decided to just wait with Chuck admiring the sea till loser with the dogs went by. Instead, when he got to a channel in the beach where run-off comes out from the town, he started waving madly at me.

Now I have to explain, this is an area about 20 feet wide that runs perpendicular to the beach letting water drain out of the we have had a lot of storms, there was a good 4 to 5 feet of water in it...the sea creates a dam at the water when bubba started waving, and then tore off his coat and boots to climb in...well, I kinda wondered what was up...but my problem here is that his dogs are now not tied to anything; those ones he felt he needed to put on leash a quarter mile back, the big shepherds..... but he is wading in...I'm wondering WHO is in the water, so tossing myself to the fates, Chuck and I ran over. By the time we got there, he had a dog that had been in the water in his arms. Seconds later his dogs arrived at us. Ho Hum.

His dogs weren't actually too bad, as in they stopped directly attacking Chuck when I yelled at them, while still growling and circling. The rescued dog however was another matter. After the fourth or fifth kick I landed squarely on him he decided to give us a little more room. Chuck is fine by the way...I asked doofus if it was his dog, but he didn't answer, he was busy screaming unprintable things at his dogs, which I now understand given my interaction with the local teenagers. They are allowing me a stunningly rich vocabulary of words I cannot use. I was surprised he was using those words in front of me. Anyway, the small aggressive dog ran off, Crap-head ran after it with his dogs.....smaller and smaller in the distance. Good. Chuck got off leash and I got back to the more peaceful process of looking for sea glass. Doofus did come back briefly...seems he'd run off without his shoes. Jerk.

We had a lovely walk anyway, and I am getting used to the dog fight thing now...geez.

I also noticed that I have had over 10,000 readers to this site now....a fairly humble site I acknowledge, but the number still amazes me. Thanks folks.

Oh, and the fish in that trap in the picture up there? I briefly debated taking it home, but decided against it when I pictured myself walking 4 kilometers uphill with a dead fish flapping against my leg, the cities population of stray cats at my heels, and Chuck alternating between drooling, begging and generally trying to steal the fish, and barking in a panic at all the cats.

I'd already had enough excitement this morning thankyouverymuch.


Lapa said...
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Jocelyn said...

Oy, oy, oy, but I can't tolerate poorly-behaved dogs.

Especially if they interrupt my search for beach glass.

You are a kinder soul than I!

Beth said...

Getting used to dog fights??
Did you ever find a big stick to take on your walks with Chuck?

Congrats on the 10,000 readers.
Wonder how many I've had?

oreneta said...

Jocelyn: Nice of you to say I was kind, I thought I would be castigated for kicking the dog other dog so often.

Beth: I haven't got the stick yet....something to do....I am sure you've had more than 10,000 your readership is larger than mine and you've been at it longer.

Beth said...

oh Oreneta...I'm so jealous. I want to live near thebeach SO. BAD. I LOVE sea glass..(hint! hint!) I've only found about 3 pieces in Nags Head.. :(

I hope chuck rips those dogs a new one!!