Friday, October 26, 2007


Some good friends in Toronto have sent us some Halloween goodies to help out with the's what we got......

Those are some nasty pimples he's got going on.....

Looks like his tooth hurts pretty badly, no?

How I look in the morning before I've had a cup of tea. Pity my children.

I took Chuck to the vet again today to check his progress, the poor guy did his best imitation of a carpet on the way in, fortunately the floor is very slippery so I was able to just slide him on in, then he trembled the entire time.

That said, his lungs sound clear, and we can take him for slightly longer walks, although he is still contagious for for another week I am told.

Unfortunately the man has gone to bed and is not going back to work this afternoon, he's feeling that miserable undefinable sense of impending doom. Let's hope we don't get sick before the party.

Oh, and the obnoxious lady at the Catalan class? Several of us were commenting on our dread of her joining us, which of course we did, but I hushed her rudely several times. Make that many times, and things improved, somewhat. Still she is a resounding pain.

One of the weird things about studying the language is that I have days/hours/moments when I think I may actually manage this some days, and others when I am certain that I am NEVER going to manage this, let alone the second language I need to tackle very very soon. Not quite like mood swings, more like confidence swings, fortunately I am old enough to recognise them for what they are, and just ride it out...though I enjoy the moments of confidences as the unvarnished truth anyway....


Anonymous said...

Are thos real masks that someone is going wear while jumping out of the closet to welcome the guests?
If I were a 8-year old and this were my first Halloween, I'd more that wet my pants, let me tell you!!
The pictures alone are gadawful scary monsters!!!
Hope you all have a lot of extra underwear hanging about for the poor darlings who have no idea what to expect!
I'm sure that you will all have a scary-crazy, terrific time!
But, do you have a weekend for recovering afterwards?!
It's already dark here in Riga by 5:30 pm so I'll be extra careful not to have drunk too much tea when I go out on Halloween.

Beth said...

I knew you could handle that obnoxious woman. (Or as best as anyone could...)
I think you look pretty darn good in the a.m. before your tea - amazing how a good cup of tea can settle the hair right down!

Beth said...

um, that first guy SO needs to pop those zits..they are ripe and ready.

Poor Chuck....

oreneta said...

GM: Eldest wants to have people jumpingout at folks and scaring them witless, I am discouraging her. No terror for this event thankyouverymuch.

Maybe next year.

Beth: I actually snorted I was laughing so hard at your comment. Tea truly can work wonders, eh?

Beth: So ripe....Chuck seems to be improving, he actually got out in the mountains today off leash and was so happy, though he couldn't sport around like usual. He'd start to leap and sprint up the slopes and then just sort of fade. Poor pup. He seems to be on the mend though.