Saturday, October 20, 2007


I don't know what to do with blogger, I have finally uploaded this video...I can see it in the preview and in the compose mode, but not when I view the blog. If you can see it, well that's good...if not, let me know.....

Back to the regularly scheduled program....

I was up in the woods the other day, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. The birds were singing back and forth to each other. I thought I'd share it with you for a second or too. There isn't much sound, but you may want to put the speakers on.

Chuck does seem a little confused about his place in the food chain don't you think?





This stuff is difficult to eat, but it sure is easy to catch, oi?

Chuck actually had a rough night last night, up several times retching and coughing....restless too. We took him to the vets this morning....bronchitis. Poor guy. He isn't himself today.


Beth said...

Alas, no video to see.

I had no idea dogs could get bronchitis. Hope Chuck is feeling better soon

Esben said...

I don't see the video either. You could try uploading your video to youtube and then simply embed it here on your site. That has always worked for me.

Nomad said...

No video.. poor pooch.

Helen said...

Also no video - and I eat my porridge with nuts and raisins and a bit of milk so your poll doesn't give me an option to use. I love it with brown sugar and cream but that sort of kills the healthy aspect of porridge as whole-grain-good-for-you start to the day.

oreneta said...

Beth: I didn't know either, but the poor thing is pretty sick.

Esben: I may try later...too much going on right now. Sorry though.

Nomad: Yup, he's a sick pup.

Helen: Sorry, I knew there would be variations that weren't included in the list of options....