Monday, October 1, 2007

Honesty in advertising

I was in the market this morning buying a little something for the girls for snack, and low and behold, there in the display case was pa de fetge.

Now for those of you who are not fluent Catalan speakers, that would be liver bread.

Yessirree Bob. Liver bread.

Gotta love honesty in advertising.

I still don't think it would sell well in North America.

Do you?


Beth said...

Definitely not.

old sea dog said...

As long as its rabbit liver the young one will like it

Casdok said...

Or in the UK!!

Pavel said...

Hi! Just visiting from the Coffee Shop but, no, I don't think that sounds very appetizing! (smile)

Jocelyn said...

Is this your way of telling us you bought two loaves?

Anonymous said...

GAK! That sounds about as appetizing as 'Head Cheese' or 'Blood Sausage'.

Anonymous said...

Is it the name or what the loaf's made of that turn you off?
If it had a fancy French name would our reaction be the same?
After all, don't we pay oodles of money to get a smidgin of goose liver patee on a piece of French bread?
Reminds me of an old family joke back in Canada - when the guests start praising Latvian food that they've just enjoyed, don't make the naive mistake of explaining what it is or how its made!!!

Beth said...

liver bread? is that like liverwurst? My mom loves that stuff, so I know of at least one person who would buy it!

Anonymous said...

I have been just now majorly back-reading your blog - good going with the Catalan class!!! And the painting class - what a totally cool idea - I think I should try to find one here. Is anonymous who is frequently writing the same dear person who will join us at Christmas perhaps? Say hi to all - sounds like you're having a great time. So are we (nice to be home at last - after that cruise I was in Brussels the whole following week - too much!) Love me

oreneta said...

Beth: It is not an appatising name...

OSD: I'll tell her you said so...congrats on the flag!

Casdok: Thanks for coming by, but don't you eat toad in a hole????

Pavel: No, not a marketers dream I think, seems to work here though...

Jocelyn: NOoooooo, but I may buy some for my dedicated reader's edification....or not.

Trish: Yup, bad names, though they also eat pigs feet here, called pigs feet, they fry up pigs ears and eat them just like that, some kind of giant hairy nacho chip....haven't tried that yet..though I have had blood sausage here and it was indeed very tasty. Maybe best not to think about it too much though.

GM: Yes it would be naive to tell people what Catalan food is made of. They love tripe, make a stew with an actual pigs snout floating in it...a prized element (no Mom, it's not fair, he got BOTH nostrils!!!) *shudder* I'm not keen on liver, though there are pate's that I would keenly eat..I actually kind of like the honesty in the attitude to the food here. It is what it is, and darn it, it's good too. No hiding behind a little foam, some plastic wrap and some good butchery. When you eat meat here, you know an animal died for it.

Beth: No I think it is more like a liver loaf, like meat loaf but.....and no it was chunkier than any pate I have ever seen.

Sis: Hi you...Brussels right after? Yucky yucky you get to take some days off to see your kids to make up for all this? And yes, the other anon is going to be meeting us at it in one.