Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ho hum, another boring day in Spain....

To do today:

Wake up,
walk the dog,
feed the children,
feed the dog,
medicate the dog,
make lunch for youngest's field trip
make snack for both children,
medicate eldest for the stomach ache,
soothe youngest because her ankle hurts
have a breakdown on the couch
get up because I don't have time for that shit
take youngest to school early so I can go to the bank,
tell the school eldest won't be there, she has a stomach ache (again)
in Catalan
Wave youngest off on the bus (maybe)
RUN to work
run to the candy store before they close at 1pm.
Internally curse the Spanish working hours
Pick up youngest at school (late)
Internally curse the husband for his temerity in getting sick right now
Go to the municipal building to cancel the painting classes before they bill me for November
Go home,
dump the candy
take eldest to the medical center for another futile round with the doctors who have no idea WTF is going on
Internally curse the medical system for their ignorance and incompetence
return home.
hopefully sleep for an hour
walk the dog
leave a note for husband about what to ask the vet tonight
pick up kids from school
drop them at home
put on a costume for work, not yet created
return home
read to the children
spray paint rubber gloves with glow in the dark paint
sew onto the witch outside
make a broom out of the olive branches I gathered for the witch(these last two are rather optional)
study Catalan with a neighbour
walk the dog (we are now approaching midnight)
Blog (you may not hear from me)
crash hard.

God almighty, what a day, and very little of it I can discard. I may bail on the neighbour, but if I start that, my Catalan will peter out, I have to cling HARD to it.

See ya, I am reminding myself that we are all having fun here. No?

Yeah, we are, except eldest with her stomach ache...and the man who is sick.
I can get sick on Wednesday night at 9:05.


Beth said...


Run! Run away...right now!

Anonymous said...

How I wish I could hop across Europe and help you out AND GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!
Have you considered the option of the stomach aches being PMT but she doesn't yet recognize the symptoms?
If it gets worse,why not ask the Canadian embassy staff to recommend an English doctor?
That's what I did that the first year I lived in France ages ago.

Trish said...

Here, let me make you a martini.

Dorky Dad said...

My God, I am totally wiped out and I just READ this post. Get some sleep!

oreneta said...

Beth: Yeah it was a bit of a day, fortunately that doesn't happen often.

GM: What is PMT? The same as PMS? I am considering the English speaking doctor, if only to get to a specialist maybe...

Trish: T h a n k y o u!!!

DD: I am working on sleep, if for no other reason than to fend off the man's germs....

Anonymous said...

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