Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news, bad news.

Bad news first.

In the grand scheme of things, it is not really bad at all, but with some embarrassment I feel obliged to report that I did not pass my Catalan exam.


That said, the women at work were gratifyingly shocked because my Catalan has improved so much. Clearly not enough.


I went into the course to improve my Catalan, and I did that; significantly.

The good news?

I talked to the folks at work and I should be able to improve my hours so I not working quite so many evenings. This will, of course, impact our income slightly, but that is just AOK.

On another note, I had a delightful walk in the mountains this afternoon. It is lovely and warm, I took a book and sat on a rock in the sun, overlooking at the hills and the town and the sea and read while the dog whined cause he wanted to keep going.

It was one of those precious moments in life when you are really glad you are alive.


Joanne PL said...

Was it the standard 5-5? At least you are totally consistent ;-) And totally right about what really matters - improving! I read about your Chile Rellitos and went and bought chilis - have never tried it but it is coming up on our menu this week for sure! Love your paintings - you can paint girl! that boat is amazing!

oreneta said...

I don't know my actual grade, but a pass is 60%, and I've never gotten better than 55 as you said...I'll go look tomorrow...and thank you about the painting, I'm working on that one hard.

Trish said...

Oh gosh...that sounds lovely. I just really needed to read something outdoorsy and warm. I've just kinda had enough of the Canadian January.

Sorry about the exam...but you've got the right attitude. You learned something and that is what you set out to do.

Beth said...

You are such a sweetheart to share that news with your friends. (I was wondering but wouldn't have asked.)
The reaction of those Catalan women is far more important than the exam. You set out to do something and you succeeded!

(And treasure those precious moments in life.)

elPadawan said...

Improving is the key, no matter what the exams say :). And it's not as if your life was on the balance, right?

coloursofdawn said...

So sorry about the course. It is good that your co-workers recognize your improvement and it good you will have changes at work.

Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

oreneta said...

Trish, January sometimes goes on altogether too long.

Beth, I did debate briefly simply saying nothing at all, purely because I was a little embarassed, but really, people must have wondered.

Elpadawan, no question, my life did not hange on the balance...

Dawn, it was a lovely afternoon, how did your daughter do at the RCM exam?