Saturday, January 12, 2008

I hate grammar (today)


estic cansada (ibid)

I studied far to little, but had a lively day. That was a typo, I meant to write lovely, but once it appeared? It's more accurate.

I spoke and listened to Catalan for about five hours today.

My brain hurts.

I studied too little.

Conditionals suck hard rocks.

Subjunctives are worse.

Don't get me started on masculine and feminine, plural and singular, nouns, adjectives and articles, all agreeing.

Day one of the exam is in three days.



hulagirlatheart said...

Grammar...blech. Maybe a donut hat would help?

coloursofdawn said...

I must say, grammar is tough in our mother tongue, I can't imagine doing another language.

Trish said... head hurts just to read about that stuff.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Don't let this test take over your life.
Didn't you just say a few days ago you'd got it in perspective at last?
If your brain hurts - take take a Canadian former PM as role model and stand on your head in the corner for a few minutes!
I remember seeing aphoto of you doing that as a child! Cheers,GM

oreneta said... doubt, a donut hat would help. Heck it would help most anything!

Dawn, grammar really sucks sometimes, others, it's interesting. For me.

Trish, thanks, I am going to need it.

GM, there are times when you let things take over your life, for instance the few days before an exam, it is short term and better than failing...a kind of non-multi-tasking....then again, maybe I'll go stand on my head. While I listen to Catalan radio.