Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Two more down. I have no idea how they went, the writing section is always a toss up...I hope I passed that, and the oral comprehensions...the two obnoxious old Spanish ladies (oosl's) managed to talk through part of it.

I was very good and did not get up and slap them silly. Mostly because I would have missed part of the video, but oh how richly they deserved it.

I was also quite distracted by the fact that the interviewee spoke Spanish, which I do not understand. I can only presume that they designed the questions so that I didn't need to know what he said. It was an inherent problem with the exam though, and definitely gave an advantage to the Spanish speakers in the room.

I was also a little peeved that the teacher didn't show till 10:10 for a 10:00 exam, and then went away for another five minutes, then told us we had to move to another room, then then then, we didn't start writing till 10:26. I looked.

I hate lateness.


That is over.

Till Monday, when I have the oral expression exam, as in they get me to talk and see if I make any sense.

I am not studying tonight. Much.



elPadawan said...

get some rest :) (look who's talking... *walks away humming*)

kate said...

Good luck! You're almost done, and you've worked so hard. When do you get your results?

Beth said...

come on bad next time and slap them silly!!!!

Beth said...

Hang in there - almost done.
Proud of ya! Not only for taking these exams but for holding your temper in check!

coloursofdawn said...

Keep a stiff upper. Our daughter is doing her RCM on Monday and has been practising the same songs for six months and is sick and tired of it all. She has an extra lesson Friday and is really not impressed. She and you will be done on Monday. Good luck with the next section, and good of you to have self control and not slap them silly.

Lynda said...

10:10 for a 10:00 exam! that would have made me insane! Poor you... but perhaps a little 'rage' helps to get the blood pumping to the brain --- sort of like an adrenelin shot. And take a rest.. if you don't know it by the night before the exam, you never will.

Theresa said...

Hang on just a little longer, it'll soon be over. The Spaniards also have the advantage that Catalan somewhat resembles Spanish and also French (which most of them had in school), so you should feel doubly proud of getting through it. Oh, and be careful with those little old Spanish ladies, they can be quite dangerous. ;)

Shari said...

What is it about movie theaters and videos that make people want to talk when they aren't supposed to?

Good luck on your exams.

oreneta said...

Elpadawan, good advice even if few take it. *clearing throat*

Kate, the thirtieth or so I think...

Beth, I soooooooo should have. My hands itch thinkng about it.

Beth, me to...*&^*&%*oosls

Dawn, that hits it, you end up sick to death of it all....grrr

Lynda, yeah, I am old enough it didn't throw me much, but still....come on folks..

Theresa, I believe it about the osls, hombre, they are some nasty in the market too...

Shari, YES!!!folks talking in movie theaters makes me crazy as well.

sirdar said...

Slap them after you pass the test :-)

Good luck on the last one.