Monday, February 2, 2009

Dog stuff

Meet Nona, a dear friend's dog, and Chuck's best bud. Please note that she is allowed on our couch, but Chuck isn't. She's also a girl dog, and Chuck, well, Chuck's not.

They are resting between wrestling matches.

Doesn't she look elegant?
She is too, and a princessa, and very independent.

Posting about pooches today.

Chuck and I went on a walk in the hills near us today and we had an interesting time.

We often meet a friend and Nona in a particular spot. Chuck luuuuuvvvvvsssss Nona; so once he realised where we were going, he knew that in all likelihood we would be meeting his BFF. He dragged me up the hill to our normal spot, a crossroad with four roads joining up at odd angles and a huge driveway. He carefully peered up each road, then turned around the way we came, which is where our buds normally come from too, sat down with ears perked and waited.
I was surprised and impressed.

Massive excitement when he caught sight of them.

Later, we were walking up in the hills which are lovely, but there is an area that is really gross. There is an old abandoned road that cuts through and all the young thugs go there to, well, to do stuff in their cars. Also to empty out their cars. There is garbage. The dogs love this. The dogs sometimes get diarrea after a walk there. (What a lot about poo lately). Sorry.

SO anyway, I had put his Chuck-y-ness on a leash to keep the garbage eating to a minimum, and the subsequent digestive chaos as well. We went on down the hill, and once we were, I thought, far enough away, I let him off the leash again.

The rotten dog positively TORE back up the hill, with me roaring at him as he went, so he cut off into the bushes beside the road. Suspiciously I assumed he was going to cut up the hill in the long grass so I wouldn't know what he is doing. Like my teenager, he is frequently convinced I am stupid.

I went on down the hill, cause Chuckbacca is nothing if not greedy, and I had a pocket full of cookies. As I was half-way down, Chuck flushed out a pheasant!!!! (sorry, scared out a pheasant...note to self, enough about toilets) The little stinker had scented a bird and was madly trying to find it. He did however seem quite unaware that it had flown away. Nona also seemed to have missed this fact.

Ah well.

Final surprising doggie moment today....Chuckster was lyin' around the house doing nothin' as dogs so often do, when he abruptly decided to get up, go into my bedroom, where the only phone is, sit down and stare at it fixedly. He loves the phone too. Gets him all excited. A moment later, the phone rang.

Freaky. Never seen him do it before.

The man asked if it was Nona calling.

Nooooo....her owner.


Though it would have been weirder if the greyhound had managed to phone for herself. Next thing I know they'd be on messenger together and I would never get at the computer.


Beth said...

Wow! How cool is that? Chuck and Nona have a psychic connection!
Chuck is brilliant.
(And don't ever tease him about his girlfriend...)

Boo and Trev said...

Before we entirely drop the poo thread. My freind's 8 month old labrador is addicted to Deer poo. Unfortunately there are a lot of deer in this neck of the wood. What on earth can be the evolutionary point in eating poo!
By the way Nona is quite foxy - no wonder Chuck is smitten.

Diane Mandy said...

They make such a cute couple!

oreneta said...

Beth, hint taken, never tease young people about their girlfriend/boyfriends...

Boo and Trev..I am kind of sad to leave the poo theme myself, I think it has some more mileage in it.

Diane, he likes his women big, muscular and fast that boy. He had a thing for a boxer/pitbull mix a couple of summers ago. I was nervous about that one, sort of like the daughter bringing home a biker.

Anonymous said...

Great dog stories. Funny about Chuck going to the phone and staring at it before it rang. If it happens again, I think Chuck will need to be tested.

mmichele said...

that girl-dog looks like a celebrity to me. skinny, elegant, almost surgically altered.

oreneta said...

Sirdar, mostly he runs to the phone and tries to hump whichever of us answered it. It makes it hard to understand the Catalan. He REALLY likes the phone.

Mmichele, almost, but not quite, can we tell you're in Hollywood?