Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go girl!

First things first, Youngest had a game today and they played AMAZINGLY well. We all thought it was going to be a massacre when the other team had scored 24 points to our 2 in the first 6 minutes. This doesn't seem like something you are going to climb out of.


They all played really really really well, every last one of them,

and they WON!!!

Youngest didn't get any points, but they would not have won if every single person wasn't playing their very best, and they were great.


The other thing I want to talk about, is once again....Chuck, and maybe poo and pee.

You see, every now and then Chuck really really wants to roll in the grass or moss, or dirt or on a rock. I don't know why. Sometimes we can tell, cause he is rolling in horse poo or something (eew I know, but it is a dog). Sometimes I have no idea at all why he's rolling in a certain spot.

I have a confession to make. The other day, there was a rock he was frantically trying to roll himself all over, ALL OVER....and falling down and sliding off. There was NOTHING on that rock. Nothing. So I went over and sniffed it.

Ladies and gentlemen there was nothing there I could smell. Looked completely normal to me.


Then again, they are supposed to have much better sniffers that we do, and that does seem to be true.

I took a video of the mutt in the hills today rolling gleefully in something I could not sense in any way...let's see if I can load it up....

No. Seems I can't. Now. Why would Picasa 3, a google product, not have a capability to convert video to a format readable by Blogger, a google product. Hello? Anyone listening out there?

It is too late to try and figure this out, I'll have to tackle it another time. Here's a couple of stills I took, he rolled for a LOng long long time.

I think it felt really good.

If anyone has any hints on uploading videos, I'd welcome them...

and one more thing, the Catalans are obsessive about washing their dogs. Most dogs go to the hairdresser every month. Not all, but many many many.

How often do you wash your dog and why?

Just cause it's time? Cause he stinks? Cause he'll get itchy?

Need to know here, so experienced dog owners out please!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Chuck is going to be mighty smelly tonight! I wash my dogs maybe three times a year, but then again half of the year the ground is covered in snow. Usually it's because I notice they smell ALOT more than usual. I can't speak for Spanish dogs, though.

Helen said...

We wash dogs when smelly. Saffy does roll,especially in fox poo when given the chance which really stinks. However as she is very short haired she gets a lot of oil in her coat to keep her warm, so gets smelly because of that. When we had Shep a border collie/springer spaniel cross with a coat very like Chucks's we only had to wash him very occasionally because mud fell off his coat, the double layer meant it wasn't oily, and he wasn't a great roller.

J.G. said...

No shampoo opinions (the cat has veto power), but *someone* looks really happy about that rock.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

We have a Black Lab who will be 5 in May. I think we have bathed her MAYBE 5 times. Since we are in Canada she gets a bath after being in the ocean, to wash off the salt water. That's it. She does not smell at all, which to me seems kinda odd. Oh well.

mmichele said...

Normally, when he smells. For a while, daily. That sucked for both of us. He was very clean and shiny, however.

Beth said...

Apparently, the size of a dog's brain accommodating sense of smell is incredibly large - and one of the last to go. :(
Major loved to roll in the grass. Fortunately (for us) he rarely rolled in sh*t. As for washing? Depends on that rolling habit but generally twice a year (fall & spring) with lots of good brushes.

oreneta said...

Bhodi, he usually smells like herbed salami, not something that bugs me....the hills are full of rosemary and thyme and he loves to rub through it.....

Helen, it is amazing, the dirt does just fall off him, he is the most self-cleaning animal...and he does have the double coat.....we washed him last two summers ago when he got into poison ivy....he's just itchy now and it's making me wonder.

JG, bathing a cat, I cannot even'd have to invest in motorcycle gear to survive.

Doug, seems like they don't really need it often....though the salt water swims would give the dog a good rinse.....

Mmichele, I remember daily, that must have been a bit of a horror. I can't imagine what the drains in your tub were like at the end of all that.

Beth, Twice a year, huh?

dawn said...

Wow, we wash George if he is really smelly, but mostly take him to the groomers every 3 or so months. He is in need of a haircut now; I am looking for a groomer. Sad to say, it will be less expensive with just one dog to take. George likes to roll in all sorts of gross stuff too, but the smell usually dissipates so we don't have to bath him.