Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ring ring

Mobiles/Cell phones.

Went and got Spanish ones today. You know how much fun all those plans and things are, try it in another language, fun wow!

Considering that I am a person that almost never carries one, and really kind of hates a cell phones, can I just say that I now have, four count them four numbers.

That's right.

Two in Canada, one that is me, and one that is sometimes eldest, sometimes the man depending on who will need it while we are there; and now another pair: one that is mostly me, and sometimes the man and one for eldest. These are, however, all in my name.

Silly isn't it.

And, no. I won't give anyone the number. I don't want to be called. This is a virtual umbilicus...a cordless cord so to speak.

That's it.


elpadawan said...

hmm... I think I may have one of your numbers... somewhere ;)

Anonymous said...

From none to four is quite some jump!You never stop surprising me. GM

oreneta said...

elP, yeah, you probably do, though it won't do you much good in Paris...

GM, I have had a number in Canada for a while....though I use it only a bit. Teens will do the most amazing things to you.

sirdar said...

We only have for Dawn and one for me. The kids borrow one when they go out sometimes. They want one for themselves of course.

Are the plans over there cheaper than in Canada?

Carla said...

I'm like you- I only give my cell # out to closest friends and family.

oreneta said...

Sidar, they seem to be cheaper though texting is more expensive. keeps life so much more pleasant.