Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eldest home sick

Oh my goodness,

right on the heels of the overwhelmed post Eldest is home sick. Not so sick that it is serious, but enough that I have to hang out too. She slept all morning or watched movies...






made a whole new calender and plan for this term, drawn out and colour coded. I like doing this by hand, and I would post a photo, but I'm bagged.

As the Catalan's would put it, "he aprofitat els meus temps"

I have profited my time.... (semi-literal translation)

I didn't:

get to the dentist appointment
teach two classes
walk the dog in the hills

and that's OK too.

let's see those medicine cabinet photos...c'mon, fess up, I am not the only one tempted to check out the bathroom doors and drawers at other people's houses...and this way it's legit...I've got links up to the two I know of, mine and Bhodi's....

feelin' nosey over here.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

All right already, I posted my bathroom vanity picture. I think senility must be setting in 'cause I never done anything crazy like that. Lock me up and throw away the key!

Oh, and yes, that was a picture from out kitchen. That is what I see when I cook or do dishes.

sirdar said...

Hope your eldest feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Here's a get well card all done up with comforting hugs and calming thoughts!!!FOR BOTH OF YOU. GM

Beth said...

I'm sorry for your daughter and send her my wishes that she gets well soon.
I really hope it's not that dreadful flu that's going around!

Beth said...

Okay, I did it! A bathroom drawer only - my cupboards are way too scary to reveal. (They reveal too much about me...)

Beth said...

awww, I hope Eldest feels better fast...cuz it sucks being sick.

and I don't ahve a medicine cabinet...or a drawer...but I do have a plastic bin under the sink that is FULL of junk,,er..."stuff". maybe I'll show you!

oreneta said...

Doug, without a doubt this is the craziest thing you've ever done...and I THANK you for it...thanks for playing along!!

Sirdar, she's fine now. Which is good.

GM, thank you very much indeed. Most welcome.

Beth, no, she doesn't seem to have what you had...THANK GOD. Indeed I threw her out of bed around lunch today, she was feeling bad just because she had been there so long, so she sat wanly in the living room for a while till I threw her into the shower, stripped her bed (to keep down the smells and keep her vertical) and hid her pyjamas. She was much better after that. She did discuss my lack of sympathy, but was happy and active and fine. That too is good.

Beth!!! YOU DID IT!!! It reveals a colourful woman!

Beth, they ain't allowed to be sick around here long unless they can come up with conclusive symptoms. Vomiting is one of them. Didn't appear. (that is good too)

C'mon, let's see what's in your bin..c'mon, we want to see your drawers!