Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Books books books books books

ain't nothing better than a really good book, no?

Best book you read recently?

My favourite recent read was The End of the Alphabet by C. S. Richardson

C'mon, best book you've read recently....or ever.


Anonymous said...

can't believe there are no comments yet ;-)
recently -
The Book Thief
The Kite Runner
Lovely Bones
The Help

The Brothers Karamizov
Curious George
every Michael Ondaatje
Harry Potter
(have i not grown up yet perhaps?)
Diary of Anne Franke
Charles Dickens - the majority
oh i could go on & on

isn't it fab just how many great books there are out there?
never run out ;-))

that's me - JVLF

J.G. said...

Recently, The Siege of Krishnapur. I was stark raving about how good it was when I finished it, though I haven't reviewed it yet. (Reading is more fun than reviewing these days.)

"Ever" is a more difficult question. I could never just pick one.

oreneta said...

JVLF! That's a list and a half! The Book Thief was brilliant wasn't it? There are so very many good books out there, and thank all that is good and sweet for that. I came home from today's bureaucratic debacle and hid in one. Helped too.

JG, Ooooh, going to have to go and read that one....