Monday, September 13, 2010

one of the deeper circles of h*ll

The man and I were off today, all day, at a very famous home furnishing store that starts with an I and kas a k kin kit.

It was not a weekend, and thanks be to all that is merciful for That little gift.  My massive allergic reaction that I have been suffering for a week and a half now, and which was almost gone decided to kick in again this morning, so I was stoned silly on anti-histamines.  Nothing like visiting that place with a brain full of dryer lint and what feels like 12 hrs of jet lag.

Despite all that we got a bit done.

No oven/burner range thingy though and the light fixtures were a washout.

Then, when we got home, we went and hung out at the house, I have to say, I am getting to be buddies with the job foreman, wonder if I could keep him around, fixes things well, and he's pretty cheery.

I have to chose though, I guess I'll keep the man.  I speak more languages in common with him.  Ya know what I mean?

Then we had a stroke of genius and we went to the houseware store about a 3 min walk from the house. Can I mention it took us, like, OMG, 2 hours to get to Ikea, and longer to get home.

We got the stove there, plus an electric kettle I want for the third floor and a light fixture for the kid's bathroom.  How sweet is THAT!

Gonna have to stick closer to home it seems, no?

Hope you're all having a good Monday, and not an itchy dopey one.




J.G. said...

How nice that you were able to Buy Local in the end! Serendipity!

I bet you'll be going back there a few times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are very sad that you found a way to *not* lose 2 hours or more in trafic for a Sklürfjål lightbulb :D

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sometimes what we need or want is in our very own backyard. I frequently forget that. Good for you!

swenglishexpat said...

Makes me think of a saying we have in Swedish, not to cross the river to get water! ;-)

Like your new-look blog.

Also like to read non-Swedes' efforts at making up Swedish words, mixing in German vowels! :-0 LOL

Viva IKEA, sometimes!

oreneta said...

JG, we've been there a number of times too!

Elp, ain't that the living breathing skluthorp truth!

Hula, it is a solid reminder isn't it. Let's hope the stove works out OK and I'm not frustrated by it all in the end.
Swenglishexpat, I figure you folks are the only ones who know what the heck you're buying. Are there stupid plays on words in the names? I'd love to know.

Thanks about the blog!

Viva Ikea indeed, sometimes.

swenglishexpat said...


IKEA? Most items have people’s names or place names. Then some have names that have some sort of connection to the use of the item itself.

There is for instance a sofabed called BEDDINGE, which is a place in the south of Sweden, but also refers to the Swedish word for bed, which is BÄDD, pronounced just like the English word BED. So, ha ha!

There are some ingenious names like LÖDDER (lather, soap suds) for a bucket and similar products, and also BLASKA (splash, dabble) for some cleaning and washing-up items.

In the rather boring-sounding category you find ANSLUTA (connect) for an electric cable. And how they came up with FNISS (giggle) for a waste paper basket, I don’t know!

If you have a particular name you want a translation for, don’t be afraid to ask!