Tuesday, September 14, 2010

post #2

Just wrote a post about feeling kinda flat and under-enthused, mostly about work.

It was a whiney kinda thing, and I think I will leave it where it was and blame the blahs on a steady diet of enthusiasm sapping anti-histamines.

That's the idea I think.

Remember that book "Eat, Pray, Love"?  I read it a year or so ago, and it was OK.  I listened to the writer on TED, she was quite, you know, lacking in eloquence for much of the time, and then had flashes of brilliance.

She did have an interesting concept though, talking about the creative inspiration as something outside of a person, something that visits, polishes up the work. That the creative person's job, so to speak, is to show up and polish the craft so that the inspiration, or genius, or muse can arrive and have something to work with.  It was an interesting proposal, supported by descriptions by other artist, and their ways of describing how creativity hits them, passes through them, whispers at their windows.

I applied to a University for a Master's program.  Most of my documentation has not arrived in time for the deadline cut off.  Slightly dismal.  Universities do not seem to send their documents out all that fast.


Back to the proverbial canvas, indeed, maybe, back to the actual canvas in fact.


Anonymous said...



Sorry I almost fell off the chair this pissed me off so...mine is all busting around inside smacking down doors, crashing windows and generally busting to get out most of the time....generally ill mannered...f*ck the whispering at the windows thing...

Sorry for the bad language Gma!


oreneta said...

So, what is it, in you and you stream the b*stard? Get the h*ll out of the way and let it rip? get the kids out of the way and find time? What?

Mine gets BURIED in all the bullsh*t of life and falls silent like an abused child in a corner.

Trish said...

You guys crack me up!!

My creative spirit tends to be more like a moody teenager who's all *I'll Get To It In a Minute! Quit Hassling Me!* I try to keep her inspired but she loses interest quickly and then goes for a nap.

oreneta said...

Trish, funny things aren't they......or we.