Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wish I could be funny about this, I really do.

I don't think I can though.

We had another appointment with the powers-that-be about the nationality papers for the kids, youngest specifically.
Shall we just say that the man behind the desk, one of those small stupid people in positions of power refused to move the papers forward, and has in fact created, all by his little old self, another level of bureaucratic hoops we have to jump through.

Essentially he is quibbling with the fact that the man's name on his Spanish documents and the name on my daughter's birth certificate are not identical.  Sounds almost legit until you put it in place, all the papers have already been approved by many many layers of gov't.  In this nation, under Franco, many many Catalans were forced to baptise their children with the Spanish rather than the Catalan spellings of their names, so there are many people who have some discrepancies, and EVERYONE knows why.

Consider also that he had several pieces of gov't issued documents, like, oh, passports, all bearing photos of the man, with both names on them.

Consider the fact that he was enjoying the situation.

I am not overly happy with Spain, this man, and bureaucrats in general today.

Not at all.


kate said...

Gah. What a major drag. I hope it's over soon and with a minimum of hassle-- no more hoops!

elpadawan said...

Sorry to read that. I hope it'll get sorted out. I guess that's what you get for disturbing a bureaucrat during his nap :).