Sunday, September 12, 2010

This running thing

Hmm, it's been, what a month now?  Maybe?

'N it's going OK, in fact I love running in the mountains.  The hills are so steep going up them you don't feel dumb at all when you stop and walk, and going down you feel like you actually maybe kinda know what you're doing.  In fact, I feel...wait for!

How weird is that?

Going up though?  The other day I was running, and the man, who has run since forever, had said to me that the key to running uphill was to go slow.  Really slow.

I was going slow.
I was also dying out there.  OMG.

Chuck is so sweet at times like these.  He either tries to jump up on me in enthusiasm, or goes too slowly in front of me, or gets bored and s.p.r.i.n.t.s uphill, leaving nothing but little dust puffs where his paws hit the ground.


Anyway, I was plodding up hill, dying slowly, when I discovered JUST how slowly that was.

You see, I decided that I simply had to walk for a bit till everything felt better, so I dropped to a walk.  Except that I think I sped up at that point.

Srsly, I was covering ground faster walking.

Sad, but true.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I admire that you run and are posting it. Good for you!

oreneta said...

Thanks Carla, encouragement is always helpful keeping this thing going.