Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now things have started moving.

Move in day set for end of Sept!!!!!!!!!

All agreed.

Ugly fireplace - SO gone.  Nicer one, hopefully coming.  Fingers crossed.

Walls getting painted, the man and I off tomorrow to pick light fixtures, front doors chosen, windows should go in next Mon or Tue and the plumber is doing toilets and gas tomorrow.


I won the big fat battle about window seats for youngest, assisted by youngest herself.  You see, the contractor has two daughters, both young.   The architect has no kids.  Youngest came in, when bidden, to talk about window seats.  The architect looked like thunder, HEFTY disapproval.  Eventually the contractor asked Youngest why she wants window seats, she simply told him, 'cause they're cool.'  He got it, and was totally onside from there.  Architect never got it.  No kids.


We are going to need 35 light fixtures!  Can you believe that?  Is that not crazy????  35.

Man, I wanna move.

Then we went up to a friend's finca, bit of land, sort of like a cottage, but no lake.  To watch the sunset.  Was that ever perfect.  My o my.  Beautiful weather, a lovely group of people, snacks for dinner.  Gotta love it when dinner is chips, some olives, a little chorixo and cheese, topped off with champagne or lemonade.  

Oh, and fresh air, stars and sunsets.  

photo by Nuri

Good dessert, that.

Now, where is that Ikea catalogue?


Anonymous said...

SosososososososSOOOOoooooOOO!!!! excited for you!



J.G. said...

Yahoo! That's so exciting (with or without the 35 lights).

Love your latest canvas series, especially #6.

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly!!! May the end of September have glorious weather and all your friends over to help bring the stuff over and you do all the directing where what goes.
I'll keep my fingers crossed. GM

oreneta said...

Nomad, it's going on...and it's goooood.

JG, Thanks so much about the paintings! Trying hard to keep it on track.

GM, Thanks, we'll need it.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I can't wait to see the finished product and hear about the move! I'm so excited for you.

35???? Really?

oreneta said...

Hula, I am pretty excited too....would you mind going to count in your house? How many light fixtures are there, not counting floor and table lamps. I may make this a post, I am curious.

35 seems a lot to me too.

Anonymous said...

Nice about the window seats :). For the light fixtures, I hope you're gonna take CFL light bulbs all the way ;).

oreneta said...

No doubt. We were looking at the Ikea site, they use a lot of halogens, hate those.