Monday, September 6, 2010

Just sayin'

Jet lag topped off with double doses of anti-histamine make for a very doppy gal.

The house looks great, and there are a million decisions to make, yesterday.

Chuck survived the trip, but has been panting heavily all day, what's with that?

SHOPPED.  Nothing like NO food in the house for man nor beast to get you going.

School starts tomorrow here, so we had to shop for that too, in a big fat way.

Still haven't had a good local coffee...tomorrow may be the moment I think, it just may have to be.

Hope I sleep better tonight.

Lovely, tiring, hot, exciting, fun day.

Hope yours was a good one too.




kate said...

Welcome back!

I love the new (is it new? I have ben reading off the feed reader for awhile) photo in your heading. That is going to be one amazing house when all the renos are done!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! and good luck for the "back to school" for everyone.
Glad to read that the construction didn't go haywire while you were gone... I suppose that's a big relief ;)

J.G. said...

Good luck with re-acclimation, all the details, and kicking your cold. Sleep well!