Wednesday, September 29, 2010



OK, we've moved....mostly.

Internet and phone are on.  I'm good to go with that.

The oven/range/stove is ON!

I am so very good to go with that!

The construction guys are going to put the railings into the tiny little space I plan to call my own to paint/ruminate/think/draw/escape in are supposed to go in tomorrow, so I am much less likely to fall.

I'll show you why!

Nope, I won't cause blogger isn't letting me and I don't want to waste time finding out why, cause it's already tomorrow.

Odd things you discover in another land.

Toasters, who'da thunk there could be national variation.  Granted, a lot of Canadian toasters have gotten fatter to let us toast bagels at home, and I think that is an excellent thing, but when I went toaster hunting, cause the man really really wanted one, low and behold, the toasters look really really different:

WAIT!  There's the crazy steep railless stairs!  See!

Now, here's the toaster.  Aside from looking like a short wave radio your Dad had when you were a kid, and my husband has now, you may have noticed that there is only one slot for bread and it is very very long.

You see, many people here buy their sliced bread in an actual bakery and if you get a big loaf, known as a kilo, it is round.  Now if you have a round loaf of bread that weighs a kilo, you are going to have some very big slices.

Something about this makes me happy.  Toasters customised for different diets and countries.  Conform?  No.

Chuck has also been very happy, the new house comes with a cave, apparently meant just for him.

He isn't sure he wants his picture taken in the cave though.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hmmm, yeah, Chuck looks a little insecure - kind of like you were taking a picture of him on the john ! I would imagine he's feeling a little unsettled with the move. As for the rail-less staircase, it gives me vertigo just looking at a photo, I would grip the wall(s) coming down - no trouble going up for some reason. And I like a toaster over myself, although I will admit making plain old toast takes a little longer with it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! About the toaster, I also noticed the difference between France and Canada. Canadian toasters seem to be two slots for sliced bread or even bagels, whereas in France my toaster had one longer slot, where you can put your slices of baguette next to each other for toasting. The length would be approximately the same as two slices of sliced bread next to each other. You gotta adapt to your market, if you want to sell your products, I suppose :)

Helen said...

You can get toasters with long slots, 2 slots, 4 slots, and wide slots in the UK - clearly we are catering for all tastes.

Stairs look a tad steep - but how exciting! And an oven too - I don't know how you managed without one for so long.

Beth said...

CHUCK HAS A MAN CAVE!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! and that toaster is wayyyy cool. the steep stairs? not so much. Be careful girl!


oreneta said...

Bodhi, they don't seem to do toaster ovens here in the village and I'm too lazy to go to BCN for it. Microwaves/ovens or toasters. Chuck does look like we've taken his photo on the john, doesn't he.

ElP, one of the fascinating findings on this one is that it does seem to be a bit pan-European, though I wonder if the dimensions are the same, I couldn't imagine getting a half baguette in mine.

Helen, there you go, the UK, reigning foodies for toast! I don't know how I did without an oven for so long either, more than 7 years!

Beth, ISN'T THAT THE COOLEST? The stairs? They're so darned steep you're never anything BUT careful! Love the puppy!