Saturday, September 18, 2010

Furniture thoughts

I keep rumbling away in my head about furniture, what we have to do still....what we will need.

Deliberately we designed the house with little storages space.  We, everyone, has too much stuff.  If it cannot fit, we shouldn't have it.  A certain amount is useful, suitcases, sleeping bags, blankets in summer, they need a place, but there is a limit.

We've made it, but we do need SOME storage space, more book cases for instance, and we also need tables.  Think I am going to be getting four!  Seems a lot.  And chairs.

The range came in, we'll get it delivered on Monday and maybe, just maybe, we'll move some stuff down tomorrow!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wheeee! The moment you've been dreaming of and waiting for - moving stuff in! I agree about the storage. You can always get functional storage, stuff that works aesthetically. I am constantly sorting and bringing stuff to the charity/recycle places. Some how it keeps coming into the house though.

oreneta said...

Oh Bodhi, yes indeed! Haven't seen you at slow and steady....are you overwhelmed with other stuff?