Wednesday, September 22, 2010


To anyone reading this on a feed reader, sorry about hitting the button yesterday and publishing, unintentional, so here it is again, with some dessert at the end.

Few things I've seen that struck me.

Here is a link to a webcam recording the Aurora Borealis every night over Canada.  It is called AuroraMAX and will stream live images till May 2012.

I think that's just wonderful.

When I was learning to be a coach many many years ago I was taught a technique called the sh*t sandwich  in which you give positive feedback, then the sh*t feedback, then something positive again.  It stuck with me as a technique.  People seem to hear it better, especially if the 'bread' or positive feedback is as meaningfully felt and explained as the sh*t.

Here it comes folks, brown and runny.  The Pope, you may have heard was in the UK recently.  Spouting intolerance.  Here is a great post on the topic.  I have to put a disclaimer in and state that I have not, myself, gone to primary sources and read the speech myself.  Don't have the internal strength right now.  It does make me wonder, in a shrinking fearful corner of my eye kind of way what the heck it is that is going on that is breeding so much extremism in this world right now.

OK, bread again so I can sleep tonight.  I know I have gone on and on about this podcast before, but if you haven't gone over and had a listen to Radiolab from NPR in NYC you truly are missing out.  They are really very good.  They ask the big, apparently stupid but in fact utterly fascinating questions and get some answers, or at least some intelligent food for thought.  As an added bonus one of the producers/presenters is a sound artist so the audio (is it music? sound art? audio sculpture?) is amazing as well.  Give it a shot.

Here's some dessert, plant-based dessert.  Who'da thunk.  Clinton's a vegan!

Hope you have fun!


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