Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hmm, wonder what sort of voice the blog would have if I posted in the mornings rather than at night.  Currently Eldest is at someone elses house after a sleepover and youngest is sitting in the sun on the terrace reading as her hair dries.  Just cut it.

We've been for a walk in the mountains again, picked asparagus again...mmmmmm.

Plan for the day?   Hoping for a nap.  Chuck's already ticking that one off his list.

Oh, and I've got a good cup of tea beside me.  This is a good start to a weekend, no?


Anonymous said...

Definitely a good start. Now to harvest some wild vegetables while you walk Chuck and cook them (the veggies, not Chuck!). How does that sound?

oreneta said...

We did....asparagus, some anise and some thyme. We didn't cook Chuck though, that would be a drag. All that fur!

Helen said...

We had wild asparagus casserole in Cordoba - lovely

oreneta said...

Mmmmm!!!! What a treat...hope the food was good.