Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The gas, the next installment.

OK.  The man had to go out this morning, so I had to stay and wait for the guys.

No problem, I can work from home for a bit of the time, I didn't have classes.

The inspector came and whistled his way through the house.  We PASSED!!!!! Yippee Kay YEAH!!!!!

Then he started to put the meter in, and had to test the lines once it was connected.  There's a leak in the installation.

Called the llampista.  He's on his way.


While Carlos the llampista is coming the inspector continues to run tests to find the problem.  Back and forth to his meter in the front hall and the valves in the kitchen.  Back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth.....the leak is in the brand new stove.

Ho hum.


Now we have gas, the caldera - as in heat and hot water - are not connected, so no heat or hot water.  That technician is supposed to show up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  The stove has gas, but the inspector locked it off cause it was leaking (and has been for months), so we cannot cook.  Another all oven dinner tonight, roasted squash, potatoes and parsnips seasoned with a home made allioli of roasted garlic, salt and olive oil.  And a salad.

The stove technician phoned at 8pm to say he should be here tomorrow between 11 and 1.

Cross your fingers for me, this may just be the last two steps.

Though I am not counting on it.

That would be ridiculous.


mmichele said...

This has been a long and impossible saga.

Mother Theresa said...

I am crossing my fingers for you, but knowing how things work, it will be a miracle if it's fixed so easily. Still, fingers are crossed.

J.G. said...

Not sure I could function without hot water for more than a few days. You are hardy souls! Hope this is the end of the journey.

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed, sending you lots of positive waves, and maybe some duct tape?

swenglishexpat said...

Gas is certainly the one thing you want to get right, closely followed by electricity. Your oven dinner sounded yummy, great food!

BTW, Are you anywhere close to Arenys de Mar? You see, I used to go there a few times many moons ago, even before Cesc Fabregas was born. My dad ran Spanish courses there for a long time.

oreneta said...

THANK YOU ALL for the crossed fingers et al. We have Gas! Hot Water, Stove and HEAT!!!!!! Let's all hope it keeps working!