Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some moments as a parent are wonderful

I am upstairs in my painting zone, and youngest shouts up asking if she can have a bath...that girl LOVES a bath.

I give that a go, and she starts filling the tub.

Over the sound of the water and her sloshing around in it, the house is resonating with her song...the Ode to Joy.

Those tickets were worth the price.


Miss Kim said...

Ahhhh that makes me smile :))

elpadawan said...

*mental picture*. Did you actually start humming while painting afterwards? :)

thecatalanway said...

Imagine having a child who actually asks to have a bath! My sort of stepson has to be bribed to take a shower. He believes sloshing on cologne is a much easier option. Perhaps that's boys?
The singing sounds lovely - it's such a treat when someone sings just because they are happy. K x

Helen said...

Brilliant. Love to the parents

jan said...

Hey that made me smile!!!

oreneta said... too!

ElP, of course......

Kate, we all have to be glad for what we've got I guess....boys are like that till they figure out that girls get grossed out by it. was very cool.

Jan, so glad!